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Hey there,
I was unable to find a forum for @MartinPen ´s Course Duolingo, Brazilian Portuguese

in lesson 4 there´s an incorrect answer. The creator added a blank character behind the correct translation “nossa” for “our (fem)”

instead of “nossa” he put "nossa " as the correct answer.

Could anyone please fix it, or let him know, his course has this error?

Many thanks!


Many thanks to @MartinPen for creating the course and to K_H_U for bringing up the subject. I’m not sure if Martin is still maintaining it. I have come across quite a number of missing articles, some synonyms that need to be disambiguated and a couple of mistakes. And there are many words that are now in the Duolingo Portuguese course that could be added here too. I will be glad to provide details. Or, I would be very happy to be added as contributor on the course and work on these issues. Thank you! I would really appreciate being able to sort out these problems. It is a valuable course. @Lien, can I get your help please?

Here is a link to the course:

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Hi both!
I emailed the course creator and invited them to this conversation.
Hopefully we’ll hear back soon.

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Lien, can we get some resolution already?

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Was there success in contacting the cteator?

I want to report mistake - mistake is in “level Twenty-seven” {24th level in Memrise}

It is annoying mistake in english (not in portuguese)

Instead “fourth” the value for “quarta” is "forth"
I apologize for the label “annoying” - that is because this tipo is not selfevident and causes change of meaning instead (… and everytime I forget about it and try to figur out how to say “forth” b :-))))) )

I just saw this @petr.r.skupad8, and you are right. The mistake was in the English translation and not the Portuguese translation. Quarta equals fourth, not forth. Forth equals basically forward or onward.

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Of course I hope you see this @petr.r.skupad8 before @Lien deletes this as she has done so many of my posts.

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Read these:


I know that @jaimebrasil will be deleted, but I hope before that happens that @Lien will be fired.

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