[Course Forum] Dilmer Turkish A2, B1, B2 🇹🇷

Hi all,

After a long absence and a removal of the course-specific forum, I finally made an outlet here for your comments, spotted mistakes and questions about my Dilmer courses.

(B2 remains unfinished, but words will be added occasionally.)


One first thing, which those among you that are new might wonder about are the cases I add to verbs. This stands for the case verbs normally conjugate their objects with.

/i = accussative - Seni bekliyorum. - I am waiting for you.
/a = dative - Arkadaşıma güveniyorum. - I trust my friend.
/dan = ablative - Köpeklerden korkuyorum. - I am afraid of dogs.
/da = locative - Partiya gitmekte ısrar ediyorum. - I insist on going to the party.

Then there is
/la = ile (with) - Onunla buluştum. - I met (with) him/her.


/in = genitive - Birinin yanına gelmek. - To get close to someone.
and as used in the positioning level at A2, e.g.
Masanın ortasında. - In the middle of the table.

(Memrise accepts entries without the / so you only have to type the letters.)


If you spot a mistake, or have a question or comment, please don’t hesitate to post below. Please do include the course and level number, so that I can easily refer to them. Thanks!

Have fun with it!



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I’ve completed most of A2, and I just want to say: Thank you for creating a set of high-quality courses, and thank you for the time you put into maintaining them. Learning the cases that go with the verbs is super useful.


And thank you!
Always nice to have positive feedback too!(: