[Course Forum] Deklinace (Czech Declension models) by mthierst

I’ve just added the last bits to this course. It’s a toughie, to be honest, Czech Declension does my head in at the best of time, and learning new models/tables is hard.
The idea behind this course is NOT to use this for the initial learning, but to sprinkle this into the learning effort as you go along, so that Memrise asks for a few forms here and there.
But do as you must, or will, in any form that works for you.

And please let me know of errors, typos etc, either below or per PM, I’m occasionally dipping into the forum and will pick them up and fix as needed.


Course link

I like this one, just what I was looking for, thanks.
One request: I don’t see any letters with diacritics below the input fields, and there are some letters that I can’t create with my physical keyboard. Is it possible to add buttons for the special Czech characters? Thanks!

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I have the same problem, memrise can provide a nice list of special czech characters, this feature is not activated for the course. I am using a virtual czech keyboard which is less handy and slower.

Hi - thanks for pointing this out, I have turned this on (I solely use keyboard, so didn’t miss this…)
@lordofthedeities - not sure why you cannot create some characters if you’re using a Czech keyboard setting? Either way, you should now also be able to use the on-screen letters

I am not using Czech keyboard settings because my keyboard has an Azerty layout. I could use a virtual keyboard but that is rather cumbersome.