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Please post any feedback and suggestions about the official Memrise-created Danish courses here.
Our Danish language specialist @Leegaard will then look into it.



I’m studying Danish and came across a few mistakes, but here are the only two I could find again readily.

In Danish 2

9 - Meet My Crew
Det her en min ven fra Denmark.
Should be er not en.
(The translation also has typo - Denmarl.)

13 - Buying Supplies
The audio for “åben” is wrong. It comes up as “vil du gerne have en ny skjorte.”


Just came across another error in Danish 2. In Level 14, I kept getting marked wrong for He’s allergic to nuts. The answer provided is: han er allegisk over for nødder. Should be allergisk. Tak. : )


@aasoerensen1 Some mistakes in Danish 3:

1 - Lost in Space
English translation for “parken er herovre” should be “the park is over here”, not “the park is over there”.

2 - Getting Fed
English translation for “færre” should be “fewer”, not “less”.

3 - Retail Therapy
The Danish for “that one” says “den der (det her)”; shouldn’t it be “den der (det der)”?

5 - Fuel Your Vocab: Places to Explore
The audio for “Storbritannien” is messed up. The speaker says “Storbriannien… Tyskland”.

In Danish 2:

12 - Fuel Your Vocab: Clothes
Shouldn’t the English translation for “underbukser” be “underpants” instead of “pants”?

14 - Getting Fed
"Pepper" isn’t translated to Danish.

And of course, the mistakes blackkitt has mentioned.

Another one for Danish 2

15 - Fuel Your Vocab: Creatures

“En høne” means “a chicken” but “kylling” already means “chicken”. Shouldn’t “høne” mean “hen”?

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Hi Athiphol and blackkitt,

Thank you very much for reporting those typos! I have corrected them in the courses. The only comment I have is that I have kept “pants” as the translation for “underbukser” for British English. For Standard American English I have changed the translation to “underpants” as you correctly pointed out.

I will update the audio asap. For now, I have deleted the wrong files. Please continue to report anything you find that needs correction. Your input is very much appreciated.

Kind regards

  • Anne

In Danish 6, the phrase “hellere for lidt end for meget” … I’ve never heard “meget” pronounced as [mai-et] only as [mah-l] (sorry, not exactly IPA there). Is this a specific dialect of Danish?

@lesliepkb, yeah, it’s dialect. Most people don’t talk like that, and if you were a foreigner pronouncing it like that, I’d correct you. Also, when I went to look for it (or listen, rather), I stumbled on “meningssag” in the same course. While we do like the whole “putting words together” thing (here: mening+sag), this is not a Danish word. Google agrees, by the way, with only 185 hits, of which several are from our historical dictionary (1700-1950). It does not exist in current Danish. I don’t know who came up with that, but please don’t use it.


Thank you for the quick response! I’m a little uneasy with the course now (I thought meningssag sounded pretty convincing), but I’ll just be more cautious in the future when I hear something that doesn’t sound quite right.

That’s Standard American English? I’ve only heard underwear or panties.

Panties is a good one. Thanks

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Hi skinger,
You may well have a point about “meningssag”. I will delete that item form the course, although it does not strike me as an uncommon word. Alas, research clearly shows otherwise, so thank you for conducting that :slight_smile:

About the dialect question. Dialect is part fo language. And it doesn’t strike me as an unusual one, this one. I will keep the audio file as it is, but I will make sure to find a person with a different dialect when we add more audio files to the course.

Thanks a lot guys.
Please continue to give us your feedback.

  • Anne

You might have been thinking about the very common smagssag. Also, while I agree that dialects are part of language, I absolutely disagree that they should be part of language learning for beginners. As that pronunciation of meget is not my dialect, I can’t tell for sure, but I have a feeling that even speakers of that dialect would not pronounce it like that in all cases. It’s certainly not common. And for a language like Danish, you really should be careful with dialect. Would you also throw in some sønnejysk or whatever they speak on Bornholm? Most Danes would have trouble with that.

Yeah, I get the same feeling with the Russian memrise course I’m doing. I know a lot of the stuff there is iffy - which is why I decided to keep an eye on the Danish thread :wink: For future reference, this is a great dictionary:
Den Danske Ordbog. It has pronunciation as well. Den Danske Ordbog is the current one. Ordbog over det danske sprog is the historical one.


Danish 4: 1) Relax with the crew: “we’ll speak later” is translated as “we snakkes ved senere” so… we instead of vi.


Wow! Thank you very much. I will correct immediately!


I dansk 7, niveau 2:
“at registere sig” er forkert, og skal være “at registrere sig”.
Audioen er korrekt.

Tak! :slight_smile:

Mange tak skal du have! I will correct straight away :grin:

Are the recent change to Danish 1 deliberate?

A could of days ago lesson 1 changed quite a bit. Before it was just like all the other courses but now it contains vocabulary like hotdog.

This only affects the version for British English:

For comparison the version for US English (which is how I remember it being like):

If deliberate then OK, but I thought I would point out in case this is a data corruption. It just seemed a bit dramatic compared to the changes I’ve noticed in other courses, which have been the odd bit of extra vocabulary here and there.

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I noticed this too. I have completed Danish 1 on the app but it is showing up on the website as not complete.