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This one has quite a few useful alts already, but I came across one word today where I think one is missing: in level 11 (Unit 6 - Geirfa), “to watch” expects edrych ar (which I would understand as “look at”) and should also accept gwylio, I think. (The Cwrs Mynediad seems to expect edrych ar y teledu “to look at the telvision” for “to watch TV”; I’ve heard gwylio teledu elsewhere.)

The course creator, Andrew_Manston, doesn’t seem to be on the forums yet. @Lien or @Joshua or @MemriseMatty, could you invite him, please, and make him aware of this thread? Thank you!

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I have emailed the course creator and invited him to this thread. Hopefully he can join us here soon.

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Thank you very much!

Another mistake, I think, in https://www.memrise.com/course/788302/cwrs-mynediad-practice-north/14/

nac oedd, roedd hi ddim yn braf should be nac oedd, doedd hi ddim yn braf.

Looking for the phrase “roedd hi ddim” (with quotes) with Google only gives 9 hits … one of which is another Memrise community thread of mine where I pointed this out as a possible mistake in another course.

And another of them is https://www.bangor.ac.uk/cymorthcymraeg/cymarfer_CC/negyddu/negyddu_negyddu.php which uses that phrase as an example of incorrect grammar.

“doedd hi dim”, on the other hand, brings up thousands of hits.

Level 15 “Uned 8 - Geirfa”: for ddim o gwbl “not at all”, can you please add an alt of dim o gwbl?

(For example, in a stand-alone answer – “Is that a problem for you? - Dim o gwbl!” – I think would be the correct form.)

And in the same unit, could “like” receive an alt of “licio”? I believe it’s used at least as much as “hoffi” by native speakers (rather than learners).

“Edrych ar” is taught by Cwrs Mynediad (both North and South versions) and also in Cwrs Wlpan. I have asked a Welsh language expert friend of mine about “gwylio teledu”, and I will add it depending on his response.

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My expert friend has confirmed that “gwylio teledu” is acceptable, so I have added it in as an “Alt”

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Sorry “doedd hi ddim yn braf” is correct. A typo on my part. I will correct it.

… This is now corrected with new audio.

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Could you have another look at this, please?

Also, from https://www.memrise.com/course/788302/cwrs-mynediad-practice-north/16/ (Uned 8 - discussing leisure interests):

nac ydy, dydy o ddim yn hoffi chwarae sboncen is introduced with an alt of nac ydy, dw e ddim yn hoffi chwarae sboncen, but I think that dw e is a typo for dyw e.

Similarly with dydy o ddim yn hoffi edrych ar rygbi which also has dw e.

And from https://www.memrise.com/course/788302/cwrs-mynediad-practice-north/17/ (Level 7: Uned 9 - Geirfa):

The English word “carafan” should be spelled “caravan” with a -v-.

Addendum, 2017-07-05:

In Uned 11 (level 23, https://www.memrise.com/course/788302/cwrs-mynediad-practice-north/23/ ), could the “my X” relationships get an alternative without the “i”, e.g. “fy ngŵr” in addition to “fy ngŵr i”?

Also, I think I saw a typo in the South Welsh alternative for “pwy ydy o”, as “pwy ye e” instead of “pwy yw e”, or something like that.

Addendum, 2017-07-11:

In level 24, “priod = married” – could this also accept “wedi priodi” as a translation of “married”, please?

In level 25, “Lle mae ei arian o?” should also accept “Lle mae ei bres o?”, please. And similarly for “ei phres hi” next to “ei harian hi”.

Addendum, 2017-07-14:

In level 27, for am ddeg munud wedi pump, could am ddeng munud wedi pump please be accepted as an alternative?

In level 1, s’mae is translated as “how are things?”. Could this please have sut mae pethau? as an accepted alternative? I’m fairly sure I’ve heard that as well.

Addendum, 2017-07-19:

In level 29, Mi es i weld ffrindiau would be Mi es i i weld ffrindiau with two i (one for the subject “I” and one for the preposition “to”), I believe.

Addendum, 2017-08-16:

In level 39, can Oes, rhaid i mi adael please receive an alternative of Oes, mae’n rhaid i mi adael? Thank you!

Addendum, 2017-08-21:

Level 44 has “byddwch yn ddistaw! = be quiet! (chi)”

Level 41 has “byddwch ddistaw! = be quiet! shut up! (chi)”

Instead of having to remember the significance of whether or not “shut up” is in the English to know whether yn is expected or rejected, could both alternatives be accepted in both places? i.e. byddwch ddistaw! receive an alternative of byddwch yn ddistaw! and vice versa?

Or, in fact, should both byddwch ddistaw! and bydd ddistaw! in level 41 have an yn? Then the Welsh phrases byddwch yn ddistaw would be identical in level 41 and 44, and ideally the English gloss would be unified as well.

In the South Version at chapter 68, the programme is not recognising work done. I mean that the flower does not grow according to your progress and therefore the chapter is always shown as “no progress”.

This is certainly not connected to the course, but rather a general problem with Memrise, see this thread:

It worked all fine in the other chapters.
This is the first where no progress is recorded.

I don’t think that’s the same issue. The issue you shares it sounds like there is Progression just slow one and you have to do several repetitions.
In the mynediad South course there is NO progression in chapter 68 and 70 (I’m not sure about the following). You get stuck with 10 words (even though there might be 35 in the chapter) and because the system doesn’t register that you learn those words, you are never introduced to new ones. The flower isn’t growing at all.

Assuming that you’re on iOS, please update your app (a fix has been provided, see the aforementioned thread).

As for learning, there is no way a course creator can change the number of times required to fully learn a word.
That is, you’ll always go through two sessions where each word will be tested 3 times (+ the very first appearance = shows up 7 times before being “learned”). This applies to all community courses (the behaviour in Memrise’s official courses is different).

I think I’m already on the newest iOS version. I have the version v3.2.10.25581. I cannot see any newer version.
Again, I don’t think that my problem is the same as in the aforementioned thread. The progression of learning was fine in all other chapters but in the mentioned ones it’s off.

They released an update yesterday which fixed this for me. It’s version


Oh awesome, now it seems fixed.

Thank you veery much!!


Great! I just tried that level 68 and it worked for me too. :crossed_fingers:

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