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Hello! Please use the following thread for any corrections, suggestions, discussions and general comments for the Currencies of the World course.

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@CFT ~ it seems like this is another good course ! I took a quick look at it, and maybe I missed it, but I couldn’t find the currency of my home country (Taiwan). Maybe you could add it in Level 11 ? It is certainly one of the major currencies in Asia, if not the world.

Not to shamelessly plug my own courses, but I even created a quick one to learn about the monies we use in Taiwan: http://www.memrise.com/course/1138055/all-about-taiwan-currencies/

Anyway, hope you can include the New Taiwan Dollar (NT$).

Thank you.

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@pdao Yes will add that in right away! Surprised I missed it in the first place, I guess I fell victim to Taiwan’s unusual international status when doing my research. And thank you for the very useful plug, I suppose this new forum system is very handy for linking complementary courses :slight_smile:

Thanks for the inclusion.


Aware of an issue that seems to have developed since I was last active on this course where currencies shared by multiple countries cause difficulties when learning.


Just started learning this course, and encountered this problem: The correct answer for Finland would be EURO. The multiple choice gives me various options, including multiple Euros. I chose one, e.g. 1. Euro, but it the course tells me, I’m wrong, I should have chosen 4. Euro.

How am I supposed to know which “Euro” response is the correct one??


This has now been corrected by adding a suffix to all currencies that are used by multiple countries.

E.g. Finland - Euro (FIN)
"(FIN)" is not required for typing tests, it simply provides an indication for multiple choice questions.

This is a “temporary” measure until I find a more discrete alternative

Hello, I have just started this course, and I have noticed that you have the currency of Lithuania as the litas, except they changed to the euro on January 1st, 2016. Also, what about Kosovo? If you include them, the answer would be “Euro (KSV)” :wink: Thank you for the wonderful course though!

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thanks i will