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Is there a way I can communicate with the Creator of this course. I have advanced so deep in the course that there are many mistakes being spotted and there is no way I can contact the creator. Here is a link to his bio.


link to course:

it looks as of the course creator isn’t active anymore
he or she hasn’t been learning this month

Hi, @linkf1.

When a course creator isn’t on the new forum, the routine seems to be to tag some of the moderators (i.e. @Joshua, @Lien) to alert the Memrise team to your request, so they can hopefully try to get in touch with the creator through email. If they don’t receive a reply, you may be able to be made a contributor and make the changes yourself.

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Thank you so much! I was worried I would be stuck making mistakes or ignoring many words in order not to get them wrong. I hope that in either way mistakes can be fixed!

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One of the contributors is https://www.memrise.com/user/synthesis/courses/teaching/

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Did you have any luck with reaching someone so the errors could be corrected?

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Hello Marcus. Nope. I am way further into the course and mistakes are more constant.

That’s unfortunate.

You are right, unfortunately that you can not send at least the course creator a private message.

@linkf1 , you have been added as a contributor. Via the ‘Edit Course’ button you can make corrections and adjustments. I hope that’s helpful?

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I just started on this course , have the errors been fixed ? Since this was 2 years ago or?

Has this course been corrected yet? Also, is there a version of this course on Anki?