[Course Forum] Comprehensive German Duolingo Vocabulary by bakpao

@Alkisum thanks a lot, those are nasty!

@Ellsass I think creating a new course like what @Andrea_Mo3 said is better. But if you want, I can give you access to the existing course so you can those sentences.

How did you gather the words and audio from DuoLingo? Is there software that will harvest it automatically, or did you collect it all manually?

I did it manually. It’s easier with words because there are lesson summaries. Not sure what’s the best way to extract all of the sentences grouped by lessons from Duolingo.

The audio was done in bulk by @prunc. For new changes I use forvo because I don’t have a good text to speech program.

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ANKLE - Das Fußgelenk and Der Fußknöchel
should be accepted as well. Not just Knöchel.


In lesson #92 (Abstract object), you seem to have missed Der Schritt (Step, although not to be mistake with Die Stuffe)

Usual thanking applies

course 94 Verbs Future 4
Aufmachen should be accepted for the translation - to open. Not just Öffnen.

I’m going to be really annoying if you don’t mind. haha. I really appreciate the hard work put into this.
I finished the course weeks ago, noticed a lot of things not your fault but Duos really. I’m going to go back thru it and point out some suggestions and fixes if you don’t mind.

#107 Fantasy
Guy says “die” Weltraum. Women says “der” Weltraum.

In Level 63, you have Sein Gefallen for “fell,” but in the actual Duolingo course, it’s haben gefallen for what I assume to be “to be liked.” It also looks like you’re missing “vergessen” in that level.__

@Geil thanks, added.

@ulysse.colonna I checked Abstract Objects 2 on Duolingo and that word is not there. Are you sure about the level number?

@dolinod thanks, fixed.

Sorry if I’m replying to the wrong thread; I really have no idea how this forum works. Way to go, Memrise! ?:-/

mitmachen and teilnehmen – can they be assigned as alternates, please? They mean basically the same thing, and yet they don’t accept each other. I get them wrong as a result, almost every time.

Bakpao, I have Marlene and Hans if you wish for me to record samples for your course. I’m making a Verb course my self using them. Let me know if you need help and I will record any word for you.

anyways, LEVEL 11 VERBS PRESENT 1.
Zahlen should also be accepted for to pay/bezahlen.

der Vetter and die Vetterin should be accepted too for Cousin.

haben Verziehen should be accepted as well for Vergeben to forgive.

Bürgen should be accepted as well for for Garantieren
Kriegen should be accepted as well for Bekommen

"die Vetterin"
I’m living in Germany. I’ve never ever heard the word Vetterin. So I looked up at the Duden (german dictionary) and I saw that the word Vetterin actually does exist.
I only know the word Cousine. Or very rare Base for Vetterin. But to me Base sounds very old fashion.

Heute wieder etwas gelernt.

yes that would be correct. But I personally believe the Germans words should be at the very least accepted as correct answers when learning german, and should not be counted wrong because you did not type the stolen french word. :yum:

I have been fighting Duo for a while now on the sheer amount of english words they use for the german course. It is insane. Quite a bit of them are not even used more commonly over the actual german words. More importantly, any native english learner will know right off the bat what english word means when spoken. It is pointless to learn it practically. So what happens when one encounters a german word instead in a conversation but Duo only taught them the English one they already knew? Plus nobody updates fixes anymore there apparently. It is like they don’t care.

but alas, this course is very neat and actually better than Duo for learning. This method sticks better to your brain than Duos method. And @bakpao updates and supports the course.

@dwmem are you sure about that? I just checked and it worked.

@Geil thanks updated. Thanks for the offer, I’ll let you know if there are missing voices in the course. Also, how do you get those voices? Is from a software that you purchased?

German is the third language I learn on Memrise. I’ve seen a lot of courses, but never so good as this one.
So, @bakpao, just want to say thank you :slight_smile:


Now I’m really eager to learn this course. Thanks for sharing =)… I’ll start right away

Yes I purchased them by buying Textaloud3 and adding adding invona voices (whopping total of $99).

There is now a course with full sentences from DuoLingo: http://www.memrise.com/course/434640/duolingo-german-sentences/ :heart_eyes:

@mary_russ you are welcome! However I didn’t make this course alone, the course has a number of other contributors, as well as learners who provide feedbacks on mistakes, missing synonyms, etc. So it was made possible because there are a lot of passionate learners contributing to it.

@Geil thanks, now I remember seeing it previously.

@Ellsass yes, I just found out about it yesterday. It might be better to improve that course rather than making a new one.

@bakpao Absolutely, I will focus on their course instead of my own ( http://www.memrise.com/course/1174712/german-grammar-drills-part-1/ ). Mine is completely unorganized and just includes phrases that I found either difficult, interesting, or potential useful to know. Instead I will focus my course on sentences from other sources like Clozemaster and Pimsleur.