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Hi, not to be annoying or anything but I’ve remarked that some words were missing from some of the lessons of Duolingo such as reiche in lesson #30 or folgen in lesson #32. Any chance you could add those?

Sorry to be coming out of the woodwork to complain, your effort is outstanding, I cannot thank you enough.

[edit: found another word that could have been in lesson #33, Drucken]

Thanks, added them. However, I think folgen belongs to lesson 29.

Awesome thanks!!!

Since I’m bothering you, I’ve also remarked that braun_ is absent from lesson #38 and more importantly legen and ab und zu from lesson #40.

(sorry for being a pain)


Hi, do you plan to expand Flirting? It is missing many words. Currently it contains only three words.

@ulysse.colonna thanks, added them.

@TomasLinhart no I don’t, because the “missing” words are already covered by previous lessons.

Utter awesomeness!!! The day you swing by Paris, I definitely owe you ein Getrank oder zwei

During watering, when the English word “Something” comes up, I put “irgendwas” (Level 35), but it counted it wrong. Apparently it was looking for “etwas” (Level 15). Could you make it so that it accepts irgendwas, or at least clarify the English definitions to make it easier to know which one it’s asking for?

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Thanks, made them interchangeable.

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I think that you’ve missed the verb schenken (to give) from lesson 67.

Also, I was wondering whether not putting möchten was intentional or not?



I have noticed a couple of cases where different words are not accepted for the exact same definition. This is the case for Wahrheit and Wirklichkeit, for example :slight_smile:

Thank you :slight_smile:

Hi 11110,
Don’t know if I understand you correctly. :confused: Wahrheit and Wirklichkeit have the same definition?

I think the usual translation are:

Wahrheit = truth
Wirklichkeit = reality, realness



I have some notes about words that show up in more than one lesson. For example: “lesen” is in Lesson 3 (Accusative) and in Lesson 94 (Verbs Future 4).

Are you interested? Do you want each word show up only once in the course, or would you prefer them to appear in each lesson where they’re relevant?

Thanks for all the work you’ve put into making this a good course!

@ulysse.colonna I can’t find that word inside Adjectives: Nominative 2 on Duolingo, are you sure that’s the correct level?

No, möchten is not on this course. Do you know where it belongs? Duolingo changed the words list twice already and there’s no way for me to see all of the changes unless I check them manually. So there will be missing words.

@11110 can you give me the list of those words? @reduc2 has already answered for die Wahrheit and die Wirklichkeit.

@Kaspian I used to care about it but now I realized that it doesn’t matter because as long as the database is correct, you don’t need to learn those words twice. However if you have the full word list for all of the lessons, can you please upload it somewhere? It will make looking up for words a lot easier.

I can’t find it anymore either

On the other hand in lesson #75, they introduce the verb nennen (to call) which I believe is not in previous lessons

In lesson #78, the verbe messen (to measure) is also missing

@Kaspian thanks for the words list.

@ulysse.colonna thanks, fixed.

@bakpao I found 3 duplicates with different translations:
denn appears in levels 22 and 68
schön appears in levels 10 and 67
bunt appears in levels 38 and 114

Do you plan/want to add any complete sentences? Or is there another Memrise course with the sentences?

I’ve been copying down example sentences from DuoLingo as I go through it. They’re not organized, and many are missing, but I’m considering going back through the course to add them since I find Memrise to be effective at memorization while DuoLingo has better content.

I think maybe it would be better to create a whole new course for that.