[Course Forum] Complete Duolingo Vocabulary - Latin by RHTT

This is the course forum for my Latin course I made like 4 years ago. It is absolutely rife with mistakes that I’d like to fix so that I can improve this course that I’ve neglected for the past 3 and a half years or so, so please if you find mistakes in the course comment them below and I will try to fix them promptly.


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Could you please send a link of your course?

I am quite confused. There was no Duolingo Latin course four years ago. I just finished the recent Duolingo Latin course anf found your Memrise course and in the very first level there is already at least one word - feles - that there is not in Duolingo Latin Vocabulary. How so?

I created the course about 4 years ago to mimic what a Duolingo Latin course COULD look like, as there was none at the time. I based it off of the same vocabulary as the Duolingo French tree at the time, just with Latin instead of French. I don’t speak Latin, so I used Memrise’s dictionary that is available in course creation. Thus, many mistakes and inconsistencies can be found in the course. Now that Duolingo has an actual Latin course, I’ve decided to put my course as unlisted so that people who’ve already worked with and have enjoyed the course can continue to use it, but new people can use a different, more accurate course.