[Course Forum] Colloquial Hungarian w/AUDIO by CatEsquire

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would be nice if muzsikus would be accepted for “musician” (your course accepts only zenész)


Thanks for the suggestion! I’ve added “muzsikus” as an alternate word for musician in the U1-D2 dialogue, so you should be able to type either now. Let me know if it gives you any troubles from here on out!

köszönöm !

There seem to be some issues with answers being marked as incorrect in the “Arrange the word to translate the definition” format of question. For example, as in this picture, I’ve chosen “-atok” then “/” then “etek” and it is marked as incorrect. In the next screen it shows me that’s the correct answer! The same thing was happening with the question for past tense for first person singular and plural. It was also happening with the definition of with (-val/vel) as well as some others. Is there any way to fix this?

Weeeeird. Try reporting it as a bug–that looks like it’s something wrong with Memrise’s code more so than the course. Sorry I couldn’t help!

Okay, I’ve reported the bug! Fingers crossed it gets fixed soon. It’s frustrating being told so often that I’m wrong when I know the answer is right!

Seems like all of the vocabs after Level 51 (U10-T1) is missing audio (i.e. in my review sessions it’s only those most recently learned entries that are all shown silently.) So I’m wondering if it’s just me, or the course itself is built like so?
Kudos to the course creator!

(Much belated answer:) We had a native speaker volunteering to add audio, but either she hasn’t gotten that far or she’s inactive. I’ve started studying again myself, so I’ll try to add audio as I go (when I can find native pronunciations).

If anyone would like to help, let me know, and I’ll give you editing rights on the course. <3

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(Oops, just made a correspondingly belated reply…) It’s certainly nice to know that the course is still being taken care of :blush: Looking forward to the completion of audios.

So sad the course is dead :frowning:

Not dead. Is there an edit you need…?

Please try this course Hungarian = Joy, Audios & Videos or that course Ungarisch = Freude, Audios & Videos as well.

It seems like there might be an issue with the audio for ezüst and dolog, there are two audio options but one is empty.