[Course Forum] Colloquial Amharic by David Appleyard

Hello! I’m Ed, the creator of the “Colloquial Amharic” course! I’m setting up this forum here for people to suggest edits, ask questions, and share in the Amharic learning experience together!

@liguafiqari will also be helping, particularly with regards to features of the language (not just vocabulary).

Welcome & Enjoy!

  • Ed

ጤና ይስጥልኝ!

As Ed mentioned, I’ll be helping out in this forum. I’ve been learning Amharic for almost three years now.


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Hi all!

Just wondering if this colloquial Amharic course includes a breakdown of the grammar (that comes up in Appleyard’s book)? Have just had a quick look the course here and could not find anything. I am currently aiming to get through chapters 1-9 in a couple of weeks. Would love to discuss the Amharic grammar in these chapters, and subsequently set up a course here on memrise, with anyone interested.

Please get in touch :slight_smile: