[Course Forum] Chinese Words by Spoken Frequency, 1 - 1,000 by BenWhately

This is the course forum for Chinese Words by Spoken Frequency, 1 - 1,000 by BenWhately.

If you have a question or find an issue with the course, please feel free to post it here :slight_smile:

If anyone’s interested in the raw frequency data for this course, please see http://crr.ugent.be/programs-data/subtitle-frequencies/subtlex-ch

@neoncube ~ What constitutes a “frequency” of 0 ? :thinking: :wink:

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Haha XD

Ya, I suppose the title could benefit from a comma :slight_smile:

Or better yet, a 1 instead of 0… :wink:

Also a fair point :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve updated it with a comma and a “1” :slight_smile:

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@extantpanda, @clarezoe, @davjd, @Danny1, and @nestled, I see you’re listed as contributors for this course, so I wanted to alert you to the existence of this thread, if you weren’t already aware of it :slight_smile:

Why is there no Pinyin for this course, normally when you are taught a new word (say the HSK 4 course) you will see the pinyin, here I only see the hanzi and English translation…

There seems to be an error in the section containing words 76 - 90. One of the words in that section is “用气”, but this is not a chinese word (or if it is, it must be exceptionally rare). This word is not present in the frequency data used to make this list (the word in the frequency data is just “用”).

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Hi @Erlend_Lorentzen21. Sorry for the slow reply… I just got back from Chinese New Year vacation :slight_smile:

Do you have a link to the frequency data? I’m just maintaining this course, so I don’t have a link on hand.

Hi, thanks for replying, here is a link to the page containing the frequency data:



Ya, that looks like a mistake to me, too. I think the entry probably got changed from 用 to 用气 at some point. All of the alternate definitions for the entry appear to be for 用。

I’ve changed the entry back to 用 and reverted the definition to be “to use” :slight_smile:

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Thanks! It’s much appreciated :slight_smile:

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No problem! Thanks for letting me know that it needed to be fixed :slight_smile:

Edit: I was wondering about the difference between this course and the one linked below, but I guess it’s just a difference in organization and maybe some other improvements because this one (course 1224) has a later course number.

Also: I appreciate the discussion of the “yong”/“yong qi” discrepancy, because I kept running into that in course 374.

@k4100 Interesting… I didn’t realize that other course existed XD

If no one is maintaining that other course, you can ask Memrise to make you a contributor, so that you can fix the 用/用氣 issue :slight_smile:

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