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There is a mistake in Level 2 with the character for “Lick”.
The one displayed is 忝, correct one is 舔 (intuitively, it has a tongue as radical).
The mistake is maybe due to the pinyin being identical, tiǎn.

There is a mistake in Levels 3 and 4 with the tone on the second character of the word “Balls”, 睾丸.
The one displayed is gāowān, correct one is gāowán (wán second tone, instead of first tone).

In Levels 3 and 4 there is a reduplication of the word 龟头, once listed as “Penis (Turtle’s head)”, and the second time as “Turtle’s head (Penis)”.
Other than being redundant, this can lead to mistakes in tapping tests (jumbled words), when one doesn’t (and should’t be required to) pay attention to which words have a parenthesis or not.
Until the edit is live, simply ignoring the second entry is enough, as it’s the only one in the whole course that puts the litteral translation before the actual meaning.

There is a mistake in Level 2 with the character for “Pinch”.
The one displayed is 聂, pronounced niè and meaning “Whisper” (which makes sense, having the ear radical), correct one is 捏, pronounced niē (hand radical)

In Level 1, the word dǎpào, 打炮 appears only once, translated as “Ejaculate”.
In Level 2, it appears twice, once as “Ejaculate”, and once as “Shag”.

According to Pleco and Google Translate, colloquially it can mean both “Shag” and “Wank”, but never “Ejaculate”.

I suggest combining in both levels at least the meaning of “Shag”, and if the author believes “Ejaculate” to still be a valid translation, to add it as an alternate response, but in any case to keep at most one 打炮.

Interesting course :blush:

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Definetely, and also useful, I assure you and thank the creator for this :slight_smile:
Precisely because I care I want to point out where there’s room for improvement, for example in Level 6, where 淫蟲 “Playboy (lewd worm)” is written with traditional characters.
In simplified chinese, it should be 淫虫.

More interesting than the course: “Introductory-Chinese-read-a-menu-no-audio created by Ben Whately”? :innocent::wink:Read Chinese menu

The course creator is no longer active on Memrise. If you like, I can add you as a contributor so you can correct that traditional playboy.

Thank you Lien, I’d love to help shake things up a bit :slight_smile:

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I have added you as a contributor. Ready for action!
When you access the course in the website, you should now see the Edit Course button via which you can modify and add entries.

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All reported mistakes corrected, thank you.


hahah this is funny. I mean you probably do need this info at some point haha. Especially if you want to do adult tourism in China. Btw did anyone ever date any Asian girls?

Yeah the course itself is fairly useful. I can’t say I dated Asian girls from China (I don’t think they will accept me very much there in China) but I did date some Asian girls while I was in Japan and South Korea. It’s a very interesting experience in general. If you are interested in the idea of dating Asian women there is a very good article online (https://idateadvice.com/hot-asian-womens-take-on-dating-marriages-cheating-affairs). It has some really helpful insights expecially if you are new to the whole dating aisan people thing.