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斐 - phonetic fei or fi; elegant; phi (Greek letter Φ, φ); surname Fei


Added. I didn’t add “fi (phonetic)” because I couldn’t find any other sources that also stated that. If you have another good source to confirm this, just let me know.


汪vast, extensive, deep, surname Wang (http://www.archchinese.com/chinese_english_dictionary.html?find=汪)

vi. accumulate/ vt. ooze/ misc. expanse of water (http://dict.youdao.com/search?le=eng&q=汪&tab=&keyfrom=dict2.top)

expanse of water; ooze; surname Wang (http://www.xiaoma.info/hanzi.php?hz=汪&fhz=汪)


涌 - also (and very often) stream; to emerge (http://dict.youdao.com/search?le=eng&q=涌&tab=&keyfrom=dict2.top)

and 寂 means also “silent, still”


Hey @Hydroptere, sorry, but I’m not really up for maintaining this course. I mostly just asked to be added as a contributor so that I could run some scripts on the course to clean it up.

Are you up for maintaining the course, or is anyone else?

ähm, nope, thanks, but I have enough courses on my plate. I wonder if I should quit it…

@neoncube are you by chance a mod on the HSK 4 and 5 for red and blue? Want to add some hidden alts so the courses accept each other’s answers.

@Wuxian, no, although I’m a mod on the blue HSK 6. I think @student-of-life may be the mod for the other HSKs.

Ya, understandable.

I personally think that usually one is much better off just learning multi-character words than trying to learn the meanings of individual characters and then trying to learn multi-character words.

yeah, of course, it is just i start to forget my “higher” level vocab, because I cannot infer from the component parts - so I cannot really read, forget about “hearing” “normal” (that is a bit specialised) discourses in my fields (need to know the higher order individual characters as well)

okay, i’ll try him again, he seems to be not replying, at least for the last month or so.

@neoncube @Hydroptere
Kind of slipping into your guys conversation here, but i’m actually the opposite in terms of multi-character words. For instance, for HSK 5 right now, I have a separate course with levels that test in the 3 directions I work on with all the single characters from HSK 5 I don’t know, and then if a certain character has a root or more basic character I don’t know, i’ll put it into mdbg or archchinese and see if that root is used in a lot of useful characters or words later. If the entry comes up as 20 uses describing things like “the left pinky toe of an emperor on a sunny day”, then I won’t bother with it, but if it’s connected to words that seem useful or recognized as in HSK 5 or 6 then i’ll learn that root.

I feel like if I just learn the 2 or 3 character word without knowing the pieces, it’s a very fragile word in my memory unless i’m using it in speech. Since i’m not doing physical writing practice much right now, that’s already 1/4 of the learning areas i’m lacking in terms of speaking/listening reading/writing, so I need all the reinforcement I can get. Also, I’ve noticed that a lot of HSK 5 single characters are used later on so those later words become learning a concept vs. a concept and two characters. Just my two cents on it. :slightly_smiling_face:

i agree, the same here (but as I am not taking the HSK, no need for that :)), I just need to really understand fast what happens at work, sometimes)

@Wuxian, fair enough :slight_smile:

荣 “honour; thriving” has hard coded spelling manner.

Can “honor” be added perhaps for localization purposes (e.g., hidden answer mechanism ‘_honor’) or something comparable?

Hello :slight_smile:

For some reason, I’m unable to locate this word by searching the database. Do you know which level it’s in?

Greetings neoncube, and Happy Thanksgiving! =D

which level is it in?

FYI, It’s at level 8 (https://www.memrise.com/course/353/characters-1001-1500-in-mandarin-chinese/8)

(bug)[audio error] (if I’m not mistaken.)

[Environment]: English 326-350; Level 41 (https://www.memrise.com/course/353/characters-1001-1500-in-mandarin-chinese/41/)
-> 晃; Pinyin: “huang3”; English: “dazzle”

[Observed]: audio recording appears to correspond to tone #2 (huang2)

[Expected]: Tone3 (huang3); Note: Corroborated by Yellowbridge & Wiktionary (both specify tone3 for this meaning and, incidentally, tone4 for (only semi-related in this instance) alt. meaning. Edit:(wikipedia -> wiktionary typo)

Thanks! Happy (belated) Thanksgiving to you, too :slight_smile:

I’ve changed the definition for 荣 to also accept “honor” (it’s a hidden definition, but it should work).

The voice recording for 晃 seems to be second tone to me, too.