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Identify capital cities of the world from their location on the country’s map and learn to locate them. A free, image-based course.


Thanks for this course! As a geography nut, I like it. :slight_smile: One of the pictures of Monaco has the label blurred, but not enough, imo. It’s still quite readable. Would it be possible to blur it more?

OK, I’ll take a look.

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I have replaced that picture with a different one.

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Thank you!


Since ‘Buggy Monday’ this week, you will have noticed that images are not displaying correctly in review mode.

At first, the bug caused the image’s url to display instead of the image itself. In fixing this bug, something went wrong and, although a single image now displays, it is currently not possible to scroll through the images using the left and right arrows.

The Memrise guys are on the case and I hope they will find a fix soon. The issue is discussed in this other thread: Review broken again? at post nos 107, 115, 134, 137, 141 and 142.

Hi @alanh,

Thank you for this course.

Today there is news that the parliament of Kazakhstan voted to rename the capital Astana to Nursultan. For sources see for instance here.


Hi @duaal,

I hope you are well.

Thanks for this. I have made the change in Level 10.

I also took the opportunity to update the entry for “Skopje” in Level 1 to read “North Macedonia” to reflect the change announced last month.


hi @alanh,

In Level 15 Dependencies and Territories Part 1 Willemstad is still listed as capital for the country Netherlands Antilles. That country ceased to exist in 2010.

Willemstad could be listed as the capital of the country Curaçao which is one of the four countries in the Kingdom of the Netherlands now.
(others are the Netherlands, Aruba and Sint Maarten).

Hi @duaal,

Thanks for that. I have amended “Netherlands Antilles” to “Curaçao” for the “Willemstad” entry in Level 15.

On checking, I see that I have an entry for “Oranjestad/Aruba” in Level 17 but no entry for “Philipsburg/Sint Maarten”. I will add that one when I can find some time. I guess, strictly speaking, it’s not correct to refer to them as “Dependencies and Territories” so I will need to give that some thought.