[Course Forum] Burmese By Ear (by Mark)

This is the forum for the courses “Burmese By Ear: Unit 1 + 2” and “Burmese By Ear: Unit 3-8” created by user Mark, with additions by user jblinguaphile.

[You may also be interested in the course titled “Burmese By Ear: Complete take II - 5.7 and Beyond” by SimonB.Qc, but that is a separate course with its own forum.]

Hi! I decided to learn Burmese this summer, and I found this course. I’ve already gone through Units 1-2 and I’m almost done with Unit 5 on the audiobook, which means I’m going through the Burmese Unit 3-8 course right now and am about to finish. I’d be interested in helping create review content for Units 6-8. How do I go about doing that?

Hi. I just added you as a contributor on the course. You should now see an “Edit Course” button.