[Course Forum] Buntús Cainte -Irish- by Sallya (maintained by Serin)

Actually, there are more: https://www.memrise.com/courses/english/?q=buntús

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Actually I had not found it. Many thanks for your help.

Are these courses still maintained?

I’m at chapter 63 currently, but I’ve had this confusion since the first time I saw the word. “Imigh” is translated to English as “went off”. I can’t get my head around it. Going off is what bombs and angry mums do, right? Doesn’t “imigh” just mean “leave”? Is “going off” an Americanism perhaps? I’m really struggling to memorise these phrases because of the awkward translation.

I hope this thread is not quite dead. Like Edwin I wonder whether this course is still maintained, I hope so. Anyway I noticed a mistake in the 121–130 course in the sentence Beimid ag caint lena mhúintir amárach “We will be speaking to his people tomorrow”: it should be mhuintir, not mhúintir.