[Course Forum] Buntús Cainte -Irish- by Sallya (maintained by Serin)

is there any news on further sections going up?

This is one of the most useful Memrise courses I’ve found, and I’d be delighted to see it!


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if you provide a link to that course and the creators username then maybe you’ll get an answer.

You have to tag the creator in order them to get an email (if they are active)

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It’s this:

It seems that @sallya is not here. Now we can hope that there are some contributors who will see this message… Or/and summon @Lien or @MemriseMatty to send an email and ask sallya to look here

I don’t know how to Summon, evidently I’m a muggle

@sallya is showing some intermittent activity, I am a follower

I’d love someone to finish it, I find it fill the gaps in other courses.

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well now I am summoning @Lien and @MemriseMatty regarding the completion of Buntús Cainte in Irish…


Thanks for the heads up! I have emailed Sallya who created the course and invited her to this thread. Hopefully she’ll join us here soon.

thank you! I hope so too!

Hi there! I’m Serin - I used to prepare and upload the audio for these courses, once Sallya had prepared the text. She’s just emailed me, to say that other commitments are preventing her from working on further sections presently, and asking whether I would be prepared to take this on. I have said yes - I’ll try and get some more levels uploaded as soon as possible.

Thanks for your interest in these courses; I, too, have found Sallya’s work very helpful, and look forward to having some more sections on Memrise in the near future!

Kind regards



Thank you, @Serin! I have the books and CDs but have been longing for tests to stop it all floating away…

I’m so glad you are willing to do this, and my regards to Sallya who work has helped me so much, too



I have found the Buntús Cainte course on Memrise extremely helpful. If there is any way I can help I would be glad to do so. Thanks for taking the time to continue this very helpful work.


Thank you for your kind comments. So far, I have uploaded to Ceacht 112, and it is going well, but if it becomes too onerous I will bear your kind offer of help in mind. With best wishes with your Irish language learning!

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Go raibh maith agat! Chonaic mé na ceachtanna sin inné. Tá sceitimíní orm!

Great stuff, your work is very much appreciated.

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I just want to think all the kind people behind putting this course onto memrise. I learn a little bit more every day, and it’s the best Irish resource I’ve found. Go raibh maith agaibh!


Hi Serin

Noticed an error in 81-90, lesson one:

“feicfidh tú ina shuí ansin aris é Dé Domhnaigh”

Should be a fada in “arís” there.


Hi Matt
You’re absolutely right - I’ve corrected the error.
I’ve also realised that I hadn’t turned on updates to message, since it defaulted back to no emailed updates after the last memrise overhaul. So I didn’t see your message until I was browsing through old threads - my apologies for such a late response!
Best wishes

I can’t find the course corresponding to levels 121–130 of Buntús Cainte. Would anybody have the link? Thanks in advance.

It only goes 81-90, unfortunately.

I suppose you must’ve already found it but in case you haven’t: https://www.memrise.com/course/1871139/beginner-spoken-irish-121-130-buntus-cainte/