[Course Forum] Biblical Hebrew Vocabulary (created by Sittch)

There is a typo in chapter 8:
“new” is translated as “חָרָשׁ”. The correct spelling for the Hebrew word is כָדָשׁ

Here’s the chapter page: https://www.memrise.com/course/1337921/biblical-hebrew-vocabulary-kelley/5/

Tagging @sittch (by placing a @ in front of the username) will hopefully catch his / her attention.

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hello EricChiam99,
yes there is a typo in chapter 8.
But the correct spelling for new is

Thanks! I’m very new to Biblical Hebrew so I still make a lot of mistakes myself.

Thanks for the help y’all! The error has been fixed. Let me know if there are any other problems.

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Hello Sittch
in Level 8 Chapter 10

רע is translated friend

friend is usually חבר

רע means bad, evil

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Super! thanks

In Chapter 10 of Kelley’s Grammar, רֵעַ is glossed as ‘friend’ in the vocabulary section. My copy of the BDB gives ‘friend’ as an acceptable translation, in addition to ‘companion’ and ‘fellow’. The word for evil uses the same consonants, but has different vowel pointing. Kelley includes it in Chapter 8 (Level 5 on this course), if you’d like to compare the two.

You are correct in that חבר is another word meaning friend. Although I cannot say for certain which is used more often, they seem to both be used frequently. The aim of this course is simply to reproduce the vocabulary found in Kelley’s Grammar, so I’m not necessarily trying to include all potential translations.

I hope this helps clear things up.

In level 6 (Ch 9 - Pronouns) I think “those (m)” should be הֵמָּה, instead of חֵמָּה?

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hi Sittch,
thank you, very helpfull:tulip:

Good catch Eric, I’ve made the appropriate change. Let me know if you spot anything else!

In Chapter 8 the app is saying the word for also, even is “aph” which is actually the word for anger. The word for also, even should be “gam”(gimmel patach mem).

In Chapter 11, the app says the word for “work, deed, act” is מְלָאכָה and this is A word for work, but if the app is suppose to align itself with the “Basics of Biblical Hebrew” text book, then the word presented in chapter 11 for work, deed is מַעֲשֶׂה

Chapter 14 has the wrong Hebrew word for the definition “to turn”. The app says the Hebrew word is SUR, but it should be SHUV



Hey Charles, sorry for the delayed response. I believe you may have the wrong course forum, as I don’t see the words you’re describing in any of those chapters. This forum is for my course based on Page Kelley’s “Biblical Hebrew: An Introductory Grammar.”

Hope this helps. Let me know if there’s anything else I can do.