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I’m looking to fix a couple of issues in the above deck, created by ‘Ithilix’. I can’t find an area on the forum, could someone perhaps help?

  • There is a spelling error for the word מַעֲשֶׂה in level 8 (mistakenly spelt as מַעֲשׂה).

  • Also I think there is a substantial problem with the listings of verbs. Whereas Pratico and Van Pelt (the source book) specify the verbal stem before a verb’s translation, the author of this deck confusingly lists non-qal stems at the end of the translation. Thus, one cannot know which translation relates to which verbal stem. For example, the deck’s author has for the verb חָטָא (‘to miss (a goal or mark), sin; (Piel, Hiph)’) (in level 8). Contrast this with the source book’s entry: ‘(Q) to miss (a goal or mark), sin, commit a sin; (Pi) make a sin offering; (Hi) induce or cause to sin’. Without specifying which translation relates to which verbal stem, one cannot properly learn the correct translations. Thus, the deck should be modified to align with the source book.

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There is a hyperlink in my post, see ‘Biblical Hebrew’.

Here it is in full form: https://www.memrise.com/course/990342/biblical-hebrew-26/

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Hi @Ithilix I don’t think you are around to respond to these comments.

We could both delete the superfluous posts.

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Hi @robertgbrown, you could request to become a Contributor.

The first stage will be for MemRise to draw them to this Forum thread - and they may reply.

Thanks for your advice.

Request submitted: Could I please become a contributor to 'Biblical Hebrew'?