[Course Forum] Biblical Hebrew by Keladry

For quite a few weeks now, I didn’t manage to learn new words in the Biblical Hebrew course created by keladry. In lesson 20, there seem to be some Hebrew words missing, see screenshot from web version:

On Android, it just says “Error: Sorry, there was an error loading the session!” – I would put a second screenshot but new forum users are only allowed to add one image :-/

In case this is a bug:
My username: Mathi80
Platform Android 5.0 / Windows 10 Pro 1607 with Chrome 53, also tried in Firefox 48.0.2 with same result
First occurrence approx. July 2016
Frequency always when going to “Learn new words” - tried about 100 times as I still continue reviewing in this course
Steps when happend: selecting “Lean new words”!

I’d love to continue the course and hope this can be fixed.

Thanks for your report. I had a look at the course and it’s a non-technical issue.
This course is community-created and its creator didn’t complete the Hebrew entries in level 20 (the level title mentions the level is incomplete)
As the creator is no longer active on Memrise, the chances they’ll ever add those entries are pretty slim… Would you like me to add you as a contributor so you can add them yourself? Alternatively I can help you look for a different Biblical Hebrew course that doesn’t have this problem. I could also delete the English entries for the items that have missing Hebrew translations? In the meantime, you can use the ‘ignore’ feature to skip those problematic items so you can continue learning.

Dear Lien,
Thanks for your answer! Yes please if you could make me a contributor to this course, I could fill in the blanks… Also thanks for the workaround with ignoring the words, didn’t occur to me!

Hi Lien,
Did you ever attempt to make me a contributor to this course? I’m still studying it, and sometimes get annoyed if I type in one correct meaning of several, and get a plain red “false” for it! Sometimes (in other courses) you get green (correct) if you only type in one meaning, and sometimes yellow, and it’s not consistent. I’m not sure at the moment how the inner workings behind the scenes operate but would be happy to wrap my head around and improve the course a bit.
Many thanks.

Thanks for reminding me! You’re a contributor now so you should see the ‘Edit Course’ button when accessing the course.

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Thank you very much Lien! I’ve corrected a few typos, enabling me and other learners to unlearn duly entering “morever”, “posess”, “width, breath” every time, and from now enter the correct “moreover”, “possess”, “width, breadth” … upshot: nobody is perfect, there should be a way even for non-editors to flag mistakes for the author of the course to rectify?!

I have also now added the missing words to Level 20 (hopefully correctly!) and removed the label “LEVEL NOT COMPLETE” from the heading.

You had advised me earlier to ignore the words that had missing entries in order to be able to progress, and this worked for the time being. In order to now “un-ignore” these words that now have their meanings added, I went to the level and clicked the “ignore” cogwheel. I’ve seen other statements on this forum requesting that it should be possible to select “ignored” also on the main course page and get to all words (across all levels) that were ignored.

And two more questions (for now) please: how can I set the definitions to be permutable? It’s a bit pointless having to learn sometimes numerous definitions (e.g. ‹בְּ› meaning “in, with, by, among, through, as” or ‹גַּם› meaning “also, even, moreover, yea, although”) all in the right order; and annoying to get a “wrong” red x when entering all the correct meanings, maybe just forgetting one, or swapping two! Do I have to use alternative meanings with _ in front for every word individually to accomplish this, or is there a cleverer way?

Also, can the “to” (indicating verb) and “a” (indicating an indefinite noun) be made optional (i.e. answer is correct if entered and also correct if not entered)? I’m studying two Hebrew courses (one Biblical, one modern), and one has פַּר as “bull” and the other as “a bull”, and if I get mixed up I get wrong answers, and more chagrin! Again I gather that this can be done via the “Alts” on a per-word basis, but it would be great if there was a trick to do it generally (globally).

Thanks again for your help so far!

Also, with user-created content like this, the app should be resilient enough not to crash just because there is a blank entry! It should maybe just say and again, allow the user to flag this, or maybe even propose a translation to help the course creator!