[Course Forum] Beginner's Icelandic

Figured after 7 years I have to create some sort of official thread for this course. I know, a little slow, but better late than never right?

Anyway, feel free to discuss the contents of the course, post suggestions, et cetera


What about lesson 14?

I was briefly fascinated with the language back in 2013 (if I remember correctly), what’s when I created this course based on the textbook that I had at the time. Unfortunately since then I lost all desire to learn icelandic, and that’s why I will probably never finish the 14th lesson

That’s fine, it’s still helpful, thank you.


thanks for the lessons.

But there is a problem:
I can see the course in my browser but I would also like to use the memrise app on my phone. But I cannot find the course in the app.


Just saw this was a thing! Would just like to say a big thank you for the course, I have been a big user and it’s been very helpful!

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Hmm… in my experience, if I add a user-created course on the web version, it will eventually, if not right away, appear in the app on my phone. Try reinstaling the app?

Hi, thanks for your course, I really enjoy it. Will you add sound to all the words at any point?

Glad you liked the course, back when this whole memrise thingy was still new I really enjoyed making it. Though I probably will have no time to improve it any time soon, if ever

I was just curious what your specific categories (I, II, etc) mean for the verbs? I haven’t been able to find an explanation you provided. But in any case I’ve been loving the deck!