[Course Forum] Basic Volapük

This is a forum for the Basic Volapük course by Baas.

I’ve found some typos in this course, that made me have to “ignore” some of the sentences.

In level 3, “Man blevik at no binom junik” should be “Man blevik at no binom bäldik”. The sentence as it currently stands means “this short man is not young”, not the given translation “this short man is not old”.

In level 6, “Bilol junik” and “No bilol bäldik” should both say “binol” instead of “bilol”. “Binol” means “you are”; I don’t know if “bilol” is even a word.

That’s as far as I’ve gotten in the course so far; I’ll report any more errors if I see them.

In level 7, “Fat omik binom gudälik” should be translated “His father is kind”, not the given translation “My father is kind” (which would be “Fat obik binom gudälik”).

Also in level 7, the additional info for “olik” (“your”) says “you can also say ‘oba’”; it should say “you can also say ‘ola’” (“oba” being the alternate form for “obik” (“my”)).

@baas I don’t know whether you are interested in correcting the Basic Volapük course, but I have been documenting the typos as I go through the course.

Here are the last ones I’ve found:

In level 8, “far e mot” (translated “father and mother”) should be “fat e mot”. A quick online search indicates that “far” means “lighthouse”.

In level 9, “my white horse and my brother’s black horse” has the English and Volapük translations switched.

Those are all the typos I found (though, not being a fluent Volapük speaker, I couldn’t guarantee there aren’t more… ;-))

Also, thanks for making the course, I found it helpful!

Hey Christa627,

I couldn’t thank you enough for your corrections, comments and suggestions. If there’s anything else - there might be - please let me know.

I’m sorry it’s taken me a long time to reply, but I have over 400 courses on Memrise and, well… I also have a job and a life to live :slight_smile:

Take care,