[Course Forum] Basic Slovak by loeiten

It would be better to remove “si” and “sa”.

Disable the audio all together.

I’m very new to both the language and to Memrise. For me, the more audio the better, as I would really like to learn the correct pronunciations. I haven’t been involved with this nearly as long as the majority of the other learners on here, so I really have little idea what would make the course better as a whole yet, I’m just going by what would help me learn.

On memrise, I find the Slovak Phrases with Audio course helpful. https://www.memrise.com/course/416264/slovak-phrases-with-audio/

Though I would recommend getting off memrise and finding a better course. On the internet, there is slovake.eu, and e-slovak.sk.

It would be best to find an acutal person to talk to

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I’m familiar with slovake.eu though I haven’t used it yet, and e-slovak.sk
is completely new to me. I of course agree conversing with a real person
would be the best way to go but unfortunately the only Slovakia natives
that I know live far from me. Learning by myself is better than nothing
though. I’ll check out the link you’ve given me. Dakujem!

Yes most Slovaks are far away, but I was able to find a Czechoslovak League
in the previous city I lived in. My current city has nothing. Therefore I
find the app Hellotalk great for speaking to Slovaks.


I do have one friend from Kosice in America but she lives in Denver, which
is about 6hrs away. She’s the only Slovakian friend in the same continent
as me. :slight_smile: She told me there is a Czech/Slovak tavern in Denver with a lot
of native speakers working there. I’m sure she loves it.

On the alphabet questions, the audio question for dz is impossible as two of the options sound identical.


I’m having the same problem with de/di, ne/ni and te/ti as well

Dear AverageJoe313
Apologies for the late reply, and thank you for notifying me (even with a video, nice :blush: ).
In fact the two sounds you hear are distinct. The first one is “dz”, and the second one is “c”.
As with “de/di”, “ne/ni” and “te/ti”, they are in fact identical.
Don’t worry. I had a hard time distinguishing these for a while, and it was a period where I constantly mispronounced my wife’s name as I couldn’t hear the difference of some of the syllables.
Best wishes with your learning

Pronunciation mistakes:

Doing the alphabet learning and I came across with “de” and “di” pronunciation mistake. It sounds like d’.



Hi Felipe

Both “de”, “di” are pronounced like “ď”, just as “te”, “ti” are pronounced like “ť” (at least in the first part of the syllable). Refer to https://slovake.eu/en/learning/intro/pronunciation for more details.

Happy learning :slight_smile: