[Course Forum] Basic Luxembourgish I, II, III by Baas

Please use this forum to post questions, report errors, make suggestions, offer help with audio recordings or become a contributor to my Basic Luxembourgish series (I, II, III).

Hi Baas, the recording of the audio for Luxembourgish II is almost half done. I’ll post a note when it’s finished, and then I’ll do the III. :slight_smile: dadibe

That’s great! :blush:

Audio for Basic Luxembourgish II is done :slight_smile:

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Thank you :blush::blush::blush:

Hi Baas, the audio for Luxembourgish III is finished. I corrected some minor errors as well. Thanks for having created this class…the word is spread here :-). If you want me do do more, please let me know. Danielle

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Hey Danielle

Thanks for everything. Sorry I haven’t replied earlier, but I’ve been really busy at work and won’t be getting back on both the community website and Memrise for a couple of months.

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Hi Baas!

A few errata in Luxembourgish II:

  • and: sound is missing
  • him, her, its (dative), IMO English should be: him, her, it (dative)
  • we, you, they (dative), IMO English should be: us, you, them (dative)


  • “My parents gave my little brother a new blue bicycle.” -> IMO “little” should be removed
  • “The lovely girl gave the poor old man (some) food and water.” -> IMO this should be “a poor old man”
  • That jacket -> IMO this should be that sweater
  • Sweater -> IMO this should be Sweater, sweaters

Hi Baas!

Thanks for making this course! It’s really great!

I found a small mistake in Luxembourgish II, lesson 17:
gëlleg should be gëllen according to the Luxembourgish dictionary http://www.lod.lu/

So also: Hutt dir eigentlech a gëllenen Auto kaaf?


A few other typo’s/errors in Luxembourgish II

Meng, deng, seng is written without accent (so meng instead of méng, see http://www.lod.lu/)
To correct:

  • Meng Elteren hu mengem Brudder … (level 20)
  • dem Bouf seng Bicher (level 14)
  • seng (level 11)
  • meng (level 10)
  • meng Schwëster (level 10)
  • deng (level 10)
  • deng Schwëster, deng Schwësteren (level 10)


Hey guys,

Thanks a lot for your messages :slight_smile:

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There is an error with translation of two words.

Memrise app: she - si, it - hatt

Books and native speakers: she (si / hatt) ; it (et)

Hey, the translations for “si” and “hatt” are not wrong. They’re just the ones that work best on my word lists for the sake of simplicity and learning. In addition, I have used the same English translations given on Quattropole’s free Luxembourgish course - Université du Luxembourg:

Grammatically speaking, this is how it all works:

si => 3rd person feminine singular pronoun (nominative and accusative case, stressed form)

hatt => 3rd person neuter singular pronoun (nominative and accusative case, stressed form)

“Hatt” could mean “it” OR “she, her” in English, depending on the context.

et => 3rd person neuter singular pronoun (nominative case and accusative case, unstressed form)

“Et” could mean “it” OR “she, her” in English, depending on the context.

Anyway, please focus on how they are used and their meanings in Luxembourgish. Yeah, I know some websites and grammar books use different translations.

For reference, please take a look at the pronoun chart on Duolingo’s Luxembourgish lessons:

Link: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/19749175/Luxembourgish-Lessons-8-Stress

Thanks for your message,

Dear all,
Is there a forum on the current course on Luxembourgish? For instance to report some minor errors or issues? (Great course by the way).
For instance:

  • entry “Urgroussmamm” has some typos.
  • Televisioun" as well
  • an annoying issue is that for many possessive forms (“deng”, denger", “dengen”… “är, ärer, ärem, ären”, …) translations are all “your”. That makes it virtually impossible to get them right.

Hi, how are you?

I got your message, but I’m afraid it’s about someone else’s Luxembourgish course. My courses don’t have the entries you mentioned.

My courses:
♫ Luxembourgish 1 - Lëtzebuergesch
♫ Luxembourgish 2 - Lëtzebuergesch
♫ Luxembourgish 3 - Lëtzebuergesch

Hi Baas,
thanks for your quick response. I kind of was afraid for that, sorry about it.
then of course, there is nothing you can do about it.
Kind regards,