[Course Forum] Basic Irish I, II, III, and IV by Baas


Thank you for these courses. They have been very helpful thus far. I’ve started this topic grouping them all together to make things easier, I hope that’s okay.

I have encountered some confusing translations in Basic Irish II. In lesson 8 aon…amháin and in lesson 9 amháin are both translated as: one (used to count human beings) but in that same lesson aon úll amháin is used to count a thing: one apple. Using the same translation also makes for some confusing answer choices when reviewing and doing speed reviews.

I may be confusing by adding this, but an Irish textbook I’ve been using puts aon in front of nouns even when counting people. This may be a case of unnecessary grammar, so please ignore if need be.

Is it possible these translations can be clarified? Thank you!

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Hey, you’re right.

amháin (used to count HUMANS) => buachaill amháin (one boy), bean amháin (one woman)

aon…amháin (used to count THINGS) => aon úll amháin (one apple), aon leabhar amháin (one book), aon teach amháin (one house)

Counting animals:
capall amháin OR aon chapall amháin (one horse)
madra amháin OR aon mhadra amháin (one dog)
cat amháin OR aon chat amháin (one cat)

Thanks for your message.