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This is the course forum for Basic Hiragana 2 by Tianhe.


If you have a question or find an issue with the course, please feel free to post it here :slight_smile:


@Lien, this course appears to be suffering from some issues with phantom entries. Would you mind adding me as a contributor to it (and maybe Basic Hiragana 1 while you’re at it) so that I can try to fix the phantom entries?


Hi @neoncube,

Thanks for your kind offer to help improve this course!

You have been added as a contributor.

Phantoms, beware :t_rex: :wink:

Have a great week,


@Lien, yay, thank you :slight_smile:

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@neoncube, can you check Column “t” add " dakuten ‘’ ". it spell and write wrong. You write : da, di, du, de, do but it’s not True. excatly it’s: da, ji, zu, de do. Hope your feedback and Fix it.

Hi @MatranKiWi, thanks for the feedback!

Are you talking about level 3, “da, di, du, de, do” and saying that ぢ should be “ji”, づ should be “zu”, etc.?

That’s Right.

@MatranKiWi, I’m actually not the creator of this course; I just got added as a contributor while I was learning some Japanese, so I’m afraid I don’t really know how ぢ should be romanized.

If I’m reading the wikipedia page for ぢ, correctly, it’s romanized in three forms: di, ji, and zi.

I think I may need to reach out to someone with more Japanese experience than I and see what they say :slight_smile:

@RyouBakura, are you good at Japanese? Would you mind helping us figure out some questions? :slight_smile:

I think that maybe @MatranKiWi is saying that the way that the Japanese in this course’s level 3 is romanized is incorrect or incomplete. I’m a beginner in japanese, so I don’t really know. Do you know what it should be?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Sure thing~
Well, there are no du di. I think it would be better to label them as dzu and dji to differentiate them from ず and じ, since that’s how they should be pronounced. However, in modern Japanese they do pronounce them the same way as zu and ji.
So I’d say it’s better to put dji and dzu, then add ji and zu as alternative answers.

I came here to add to this. It’s very confusing to have di and du in hiragana.

@RyouBakura, Would you perhaps be interested in maintaining this course? I don’t really know Japanese, so I’m not really comfortable with making changes to the course. I’m a contributor, though, so if you’re interested, I should have the rights to add you :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t mind, but I’d say the course is good as it is. Sure ぢ and づ aren’t that much used, and sure they are practically pronounced identical to じ and ず, but they are different letters and exist in certain words.
I still stick with my initial statement, to have ji & zu just as alternatives.

Thanks, @RyouBakura. I’ve added “ji” and “zu” as visible alternatives and added you as a contributor :slight_smile:

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letter づ which is “dzu” sounds like “du” & typed as “du” its very confusing since its the basic of japabese language & you teach it with mis-take