[Course Forum] Bärndütsch

Hey, sorry to bother you, but I have a question about the Bärndütsch course and wasn’t sure how to contact you.

No probs, I kinda figured that is what might have been happening.

What would you like to know?

I was wondering if you might be willing to share the audio files for your course with me. I’m Swiss, born abroad, and just recently moved to Bern. Unfortunately my mom and Grandma didn’t speak Schwiizerdutsch with me, so I’m starting from scratch. However, I’ve learned enough Hochdeutsch that I understand most Bärndütsch-I just need to learn how to pronounce it. I was thinking that if I could listen to the audio files on a loop (especially in these days where we’re not supposed to leave home), that would be more helpful for me than using Memrise flashcards. I would only use it for my own personal study at home and would not share the files with anyone.

If you would be willing to share the files, you can email me at mjoykoch @ cs.com. It would help me a lot in my studies.

If not, I respect that too. Either way, thank you so much for creating the course. There are so few resources available for learning dialect, but I feel it’s an important part of living in Switzerland. Thanks for your hard work in making a great course!

Freundliche Grüsse,



es gibt einige Bärndütsch-Videos – z.B. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UastoXPK57A

eifach google


Unfortunately I do not have the audio files. They were recorded on the Memrise website but it’s not easy to get access to those audio files again. I have tried to extract the audio using some tools but have been unable to get them to work.

Good luck with your language learning. Glad you find the course useful.