[Course Forum] B1 German - Hueber Menschen by dam.dam

Hi everybody, I’m new to the forums and I hope that I understand the forum rules correctly.

I want to start a course Forum for this course because I did not find one when searching. The course helps me practise a lot of vocabulary items and I want to help by fixing some of the errors and maybe request some clarifications.

@dam.dam is the creator of the course but I can’t seem to find him/her on the forum. What can I do in this situation?

Let us tag @Lien (staff member), she can try to contact dam.dam. If dam.dam does not want to come to the forum she can make you a contributor to the course - in that case you can fix the mistakes yourself.

Good idea. Thanks.

Hope to hear from you soon on this matter, @Lien

Hi @ssimplemind,
As the course creator appears to be no longer active on Memrise, I have made you a contributor to the course (as per @Foorgol 's helpful suggestion).
You should now be able to access the tools to edit the course.
More info here.

Thank you so much @Lien. And @Foorgol. I’m really grateful for both your help.

I’ll start editing some stuff this weekend and I’ll log the changes here.

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@dam.dam, there are many many mistakes ! Please correct!!! It’s annoying!!!