[Course Forum] [Audio] Hacking Italian by mkp28

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by @mkp28 here.

Is @mkp28 around to answer any questions and suggestions?

Could I become a Contributor to your excellent course?


MemRise Support has added me as a Contributor because the Creator does not seem to be active and has not responded to their contact.

As always I will be respectful and try to ‘add value’.

In Level 6 (Foundation Vocab 4)

perché? has the translation why without the question mark.
(Please could you add it?)

PS Amended.

DW7 is assisting and may make minor amendments.

What next?” and “Reversed” levels (which act as revision and test the other way once learned), have been added at the end.

NB Please log out of App and back in, to see the benefit of extra information.


“i buy” changed to “I buy”