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Pauer Gyula is inverted comparing with all other artists. Gyula is considered as surname (you can answer “Pauer Gyula” or “Gyula” and memrise considers it correct) but it’s the name, is like Jules, Julius or Giulio.

Gyula Pauer - reversed and alternative corrected

Neoclassicism - 5 examples found and surname added in brackets

Fauvism - 4 examples found and clarified.

As you are the only one who has commented about style let me know if it is too easy now.

If so, I will delete the level with 4+ paintings and just keep the level (which, when you have a flower and revise it), shows one painting and asks you for the style from 4 or 6 options.

This I think may be a better test and I could remove the author which makes it a little too easy.

Let me know what you think.

Perhaps it’s a little bit too easy. I’ve just tested.

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You may remember that so far I have avoided the two style levels.

I’ve reviewed tested both directions now and I am still finding it difficult, so a worthy exercise (for me).

Also once you get it right, you won’t be asked to review it again for several weeks.

I could if you wish curtail the name eg “van Dongen” to “van D” or “Don…”.

What do you think ?

Personally I am now inclined to leave it with the modifications you asked for.

Two courses, » Advanced "Who Painted Me" « and » Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood, « have been giving me issues within the last three weeks or so. The images are not loading. This is true both on Windows and Android. I have about a dozen others that are working properly. Might you have any guidance? Thx, enjoy the courses.


Thanks for letting me know @thdgstr .

This seems to be a universal (recent) problem.

I think @MemriseSupport may have changed which image format is accepted.

I’ll try and investigate as soon as I get a chance.

Example -Advanced “Who Painted Me” screenshots:

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It’s worse than I expected - it seems all the images have been stripped.

I need to report it to @MemriseSupport @James_g_memrise to ask why (and why we weren’t notified)?

And I don’t have any alternatives provided by @snufkin.

PS See
Android and Web BUG - many Community courses have been stripped of their images

Two courses, » Advanced "Who Painted Me " « and » Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood « have been giving me issues within the last three weeks or so. The images are not loading.

There are lots of other Painting courses (including » Who Painted Me? - by wordcustard - Memrise « ) you can try while we wait for a reply from @MemriseSupport

Thankfully this one still has it’s images » Pre-Raphaelite Artists - by lucas.williams2eb - Memrise «

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Many thanks!


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Have we heard anything yet on why images are not loading on many courses?

No I don’t think so @thdgstr .

This is the best » thread « to monitor.

I think this is a side effect from when they yanked all the memes, and they aren’t concerned with fixing it.