[Course Forum] Art & Painting courses supported by DW7

Please use this thread only to contact DW7 about any of my ART and PAINTING related courses or those I am supporting, when you can NOT find the Creator or a specific forum link.

If you find any typos, have problems or questions etc about any of the courses I am supporting, please post them here.

Please tell me

i) which course (by giving a link),

ii) and if possible, which level the problem is in

iii) and of course the issue.

All the courses I am supported are listed below:


Thanks @DW7

I’m in this forum, now.
We met in the previous memrise forum.

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Hi @Vdamico36,

Well done in finding your way here, to the new Forum and to the right subject Thread or Forum.

Thanks for letting me know which course you are referring to @vdamico36.

As you know, @snufkin created this course (but isn’t here yet).

I will continue to offer support.

I just got to Level 6 on Who Painted Me? and it seemed like it started over from the beginning. Is it supposed to be the same as Level 1?

Hi @WildSage,

Glad you are enjoying the course.

I assume it’s this course (as there are others with that same title):

You are partly correct:

Level 2 is “Part 1 (Painting and Artist)” and Level 6 is “Part I (Artist and Painting)”.

On all courses I’ve created or supported I’ve created “Reversed” levels which do use the same data.

MemRise presents the data in BOTH directions while learning, but once fully ‘planted’ then when watering or reviewing it is ONLY in the direction intended by creator.

People use the reversed levels in one or more of three ways,

1) to check that they know the items or when returning to it a few months later to have a refresher.

2) if they prefer to water in one direction rather than the other.

3) to only choose the level they prefer - as often one is easier or suits them better.

If you go to level 2 and go to water you will find you are only ever presented with a PAINTING and have to guess the artist.

Once you have fully learnt level 6 you will find when you review it, you are only ever presented with an ARTIST’s name and have to identify which of four painting s/he painted.

Hence the level titles.

I hope that has clarified how “Reversed” levels work.

That is indeed the course, which I am enjoying very much. That all makes sense except the levels seem to be different on the phone app.

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Hi WildSage

I would be interested to know how you knew I supported that course because that is one of the many things you miss if you are only using the app.

Sadly the app does not give you the long (original) course description with that information on it and indeed not all courses have the short description yet - something I am trying to do. (In fact on many of the courses the long description also explains about “Reversed” levels.)

Neither does the app have any “Multimedia” levels which often contain an Introduction and suggestions for other linked courses or those you might enjoy.

As a consequence of that (leaving out the multimedia levels) the level numbering is changed!

Sadly we have also lost the dedicated Course Forums which often contained additional information and questions I was asking users - and all that is now lost (and I forgot to copy it before it was deleted.)

On the short description I am trying to encourage people to at least visit the web version which was how the course was designed.

Glad you are enjoying the course and now understand it’s structure.

I use the forums when I’m on my laptop. I searched for the course didn’t see it then started to make a post for the course. Then before I posted it I peeked into this post on the off chance this was the one I was looking for. I clicked on the link and there it was.

The dedicated course forums would be nice. It would be helpful if there was some way to go directly from a course to the course forum even if it were still on this platform

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Hi WildSage

Saying the obvious perhaps but on the web description of all the courses I support, you will read
"DW7 is assisting and has made several enhancements."
which should then get the user searching in the appropriate subject group field.

The dedicated course forums would be nice. It would be helpful if there was some way to go directly from a course to the course forum even if it were still on this platform.

We all are sad the old Forums were stopped and there was a lot of discussion about it including about automatic links and dedicated fields. If you haven’t seen this link you will see how much we talked about it (and made requests and suggestions):

[Site Feedback] Changes to Course Forums - email from Olivia Zavala

I got 2 levels Who Painted Me, for example it was enough for me to start working. I work as a photographer, also passed professional courses of photoshop. I’ve been working with the guys from diamond painting a quite long. and they have proven themselves very well, for the symbolic paid they are transforming your ordinary photos in something indescribable.

Hi @KKDivan, hope you have enjoyed the course. There are lots to choose from!

It looks like your post is an advert for your Diamond Painting.

If you have any questions about any course please let me have a link.

Sometimes it’s possible to have TWO images matching with the text.
Is this a technical mistake?

Hi @vdamico36 ,

Can you give me a link to the course please.
PS I see from above you have tried two courses, but the advanced one shows points against your name :wink: .

I assume it’s one I have access to as a Contributor, so I’ll try to investigate and resolve.

It’s not a level I’ve used, so haven’t noticed that.

Will answering either image be marked as correct, or only one of them?

Can you clarify which is the correct answer and which is the second image, please. That will help me.

I just hope it’s not a quirk of MemRise choosing alternatives.

Right, solved.

Unfortunately it’s an extra level I created without realising there are 4 “Romanticism”.

To solve this I suggest I add (Fufeli) and (Friedrick) etc to each painting.

Are you happy with that?

You will need to refresh your list and possibly reinstall the MemRise App for it to update.

Let me know if you find any others. Thanks.

Cc @snufkin

There is something similar with Fauvism. I can’t remember exactly what. I will write to you.

An other note: Pauer Gyula. You inverted name and surname.


Always in “Advanced who painted me”.
It happens also with Neoclassicism: J.L.David vs Chalgrin and his arch of Triumph in Paris.

About Fauves: it happens with Kees van Dongen vs de Vlaminck. They are both “Fauvism” but Memrise considers correct “Fauvism” only for one of them.

I did not create the course, so I don’t know if names were set up to match the continental practice of putting surnames first.
If you can spot errors I’ll try to swap them.

Thanks, that’s the same problems of me setting up that testing method.