[Course Forum] Arpitan 1

Bonjorn ! Je m’apelo Romance Linguist et j’ensègno l’arpetan dens Memrise. Se vos voléds l’aprendre, te pôs alâr a mon cours:

Hello! My (pseudo-)name is Romance Linguist and I am teaching Arpitan in Memrise. If you would like to learn it, you can check out my first course: (link above)

Some Background Info: Arpitan is a minority Romance Language spoken in Eastern France, Western Switzerland, and Northern Italy around the Val D’Aosta region. It is a Gallo-Romance language. Please be aware that I am not a native speaker so if you spot any mistakes in the course, please feel free to contact me. I hope that all of you who are curious can enjoy this course. Thank you!

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