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(Ayat) #101

Hi @spocki!

Sorry about this and thanks for pointing it out! We’re in the process of having this fixed :blush:

With regards to the Algerian dialect, it’s definitely something we’d consider in the future! So keep a look out :eyes:

Arabic Specialist at Memrise

(Ayat) #102

Hi @pmsoltani!

Thanks for your suggestion regarding the feedback system! We’ll take your thoughts into consideration for future developments :blush::wink:

With regards to the definition of ‘never ever’- في المشمش is a native idiom used to express that you would never ever do something and it literally translates to ‘in the apricot’ haha! So for example, I hate rollercoasters, so if someone was to ask me “would you ever try one?” I would reply " ! في المشمش "

Also the audios for ‘skirt’ are in the process of being fixed :sunglasses:

Arabic Specialist at Memrise

(Ayat) #103

Hey @Yasuiteji!

Thanks for your comment! You raise a really good point! In Arabic to say ‘he is’ you can use either ‘إنَّهُ’ or ‘هُوَ’ there isn’t any difference in their meanings, the former just sounds a little more formal but is also more of a statement starter, but both ‘إنَّهُ طَوِيل’ and ‘هُوَ طَوِيل’ would both translate to ‘he is tall’ :blush:

hope that helps and keep your questions coming!

Arabic Specialist at Memrise

(Ayat) #104

Hi @MaxHarris3d2dacad4!

Thanks for highlighting this! I have fixed this :wink:

Arabic Specialist at Memrise

(Tayyib ) #105

I’ve recently noticed some incorrect translations in the Memrise’s official Arabic course for Turkish learners. Am I in the right place to report that? :slight_smile:

(Ayat) #106

Hi @Tayyib!

Thanks for your message, and yes, this is the perfect place to point out any issues!
Which words have you found to be incorrect and which courses are they from?

Thank you :blush:

Arabic Specialist at Memrise

(Tayyib ) #107

Hi, thanks for your quick reply.

There are 2 problems I found. Both are in the course “Arapça 1”. First one is in the level 11, 12th sentence
(أنا أحب الخبز) It should be translated as “ekmek severim” not “ekmek”. And the second one is in the level 14, 16th sentence (… رقمي هو). I don’t know its exact translation but it seems a duplicate translation of the upper sentence (ما هو رقم هاتفك؟) which was written inadvertently.

I hope they will be fixed soon, thanks in advance :slight_smile:

(Benton 1) #108

@angileptol and @ayat.memrise Could you please increase the font size of the Arabic letters and words? They are way too small for me to read. :confused: I have difficulty making them out and cannot make out the vowel signs at all. In the lesson, of course, the letters are fine, but the vocabulary word lists and the words in the the forum would be easier to read if they were bigger. I use the Web version.

(Benton 1) #109

I went to my control panel to add Arabic to my PC but found there were 16 different choices: Saudi, Moroccan, Syrian… I’ve tried to research the differences but haven’t found much information at all. Does anyone on this forum know the differences? Do you recommend one format over another?

UPDATE: Though my computer “offers” Arabic, I can’t “select, download” Arabic or any of the other alphabets listed except for Greek and Hebrew. ???

(Tayyib ) #110

Actually, there are dozens of translations I want to report. But you even couldn’t fix a typo for over a month… I really admire the Memrise’s eployees (!). Whenever we face with a problem, bug etc. we are only able to report that, then…? Nothing happens… Thanks again!

(Mr.Nader) #111

I don’t think there’s any difference… They all have the same letters… Don’t worry about it … I use the Saudi format.

(Renaultclio) #112

Hi. I’m new here. I’m not getting audio in the Arabic 1 course. Should there be? Thanks.

(Ayat) #113

Hi @Tayyib

I am sorry for the delay in getting back to you, we have corrected the two errors, please feel free to post any other errors you may come across.

Thank you,

Arabic Specialist at Memrise

(Ayat) #114

Hi @benton.1!

Thanks for posting in our forum :blush: with regards to the different choices, there is no difference the keyboards each of the Arabic options would offer nor is there a difference with regards to the recognition of text/ spelling with each of the keyboards :wink: So whichever you select is fine!

Regarding the installation of Arabic onto your computer, I’m afraid you may have to ask someone else to check that out for you!

Arabic Specialist at Memrise

(Ayat) #115

Hey @renaultclio!

Welcome to Memrise! We love new MEMbers (get it haha) :smile:

And yes! you should be getting audios throughout the Arabic course :thinking: have you tried logging out and logging back in?

If that doesn’t work, drop me an email (ayat@memrise.com) with your username so I can check and see if anything’s up :blush:

Arabic Specialist at Memrise

(Ayat) #116

Hey again @benton.1!

Thanks for your suggestion to increase the font size of our Arabic script! We will be taking your feedback into consideration for our future development :blush:

Arabic Specialist at Memrise

(Andreasrueggeberg) #117

Hi there, I have so far found two mistakes in the Arabic 1 Course:

  1. When the letter djim is introduced, in the big version (how to write it) the dot is above but should be below.
  2. The Arabic sentence “li-annaka marid” ("…because you are sick") is written from left to right but should be from right to left.
    Yours, Andreas

(Michelle Castle60) #118

Hello! I enjoyed the “Learn basic Arabic” class but am doing the “Arabic 1” class by Memrise now. I don’t see any memes for any of the words or phrases. Why is that? I thought the whole concept of memrise involved the use of memes, and I’m disappointed the official course doesn’t have any. Am I doing something wrong?

(Vgstef) #119

Hi! Thanks for the arabic course!

I think there’s a mistake in the Arabic 1 - Level 5 (Code Cracker - Final Test!)

For the question to put words in order for “let’s go!”, I get an error (see image):

It should be good, because that’s what is taught in the lesson:

If I place the words in the reverse order (starting with “!”), my answer is correct. So, what is the right word other?

(Pepe Lp) #120

I would like to add a comment on the arabic courses that I am cross posting from another thread I created:

I am a little disappointed there isn’t a dedicated email function for Memrise staff to receive communications from users (there is a link but it appears to be non functional). Anyway, I thought I would throw this comment on the community forum in the event someone notices.

I love memrise for its ease of use and modern features like streaks - so much better than the app I have been using for a decade (byki). But I don’t understand why the interface on the iOS app is so different than the web page interface. I would strongly encourage Memrise staff to take the best features of both interfaces and make sure they are available regardless of where you log in.

For example, on the website, there is a single button to review words already learned from multiple card decks in one language, but on the app you have to go into each course separately.

Also, there are more errors in layout for the Arabic courses on the web app. For example, when the program prompts you to select the words of a phrase or sentence in the correct order, it lays them out incorrectly (left ro right or bottom up). For new or mid-level learners, the program risks teaching them the incorrect layout.