[Course Forum] AQA German GCSE Vocab by SLowe

Please use this discussion to post if you find a problem in the above course. I am not the creator but I can fix spelling or gender mistakes etc

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On Chapter 17, for “der Spaß”, you have used a beta symbol β, instead of the German ß.

Please could you fix this.


Hopefully I have fixed that spelling now!

In the jobs section, could you add the different types of jobs e.g. fireman, pilot

Hi, in case it helps, many of the more common job types are covered in:

Thank you. I’m sorry, I don’t think there are plans to add more terms to this course but hopefully those links will be useful to everyone who is looking for relevant GCSE content!

Thank you this looks very useful.

Hi on school features the english for das Sekretariat is just sekretariat- could you pls fix
tyy :))

Hello. I am not sure what you mean. This is what I see:

Hi Ruth, your screenshot looks like it’s from Level 73 of one of my courses:

I think mahnoormmehr was referring to the SLowe course, level 49:

Thanks. I don’t know what happened there. I thought I clicked the link and followed it!

Hopefully that’s all fixed now!

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Hi, in case it might be helpful, here are some possible typos I’ve noticed:

*** Fruit and Vegetables (/course/81839/aqa-german-gcse-vocab-list/11/)
das Champignon mushroom → der Champignon
*** TV/Film/Music (/course/81839/aqa-german-gcse-vocab-list/19/)
der Sciencefictionfilm Sci-fi film → der Science-Fiction-Film
*** Clothes (/course/81839/aqa-german-gcse-vocab-list/24/)
Schuhe shoes → die Schuhe
*** Indoors (/course/81839/aqa-german-gcse-vocab-list/39/)
der Poster poster → das Poster

Brilliant. Thank you.

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