[Course Forum] AQA 2016 onwards GCSE German vocabulary


I was advised to create a thread here in order to contact the creator of the above course.

Firstly, thanks so much for creating it! All my Year 10 and 11 students are using it.

However, sometimes two words A and B both mean C, and when my students are presented with C, they don’t know whether Memrise is requiring A or B (of course there’s no flexibility). Sometimes they have to learn clues such as punctuation to remember what to write.

I was wondering if you, or someone, could go through and correct cases like this? If I could be made an admin I’d be more than happy to do this myself.

Let me know if you’d like a list of problematic words.


Deck: AQA 2016 onwards GCSE German: Level 2 Conjunctions

The German word ‘denn’ is currently translated ‘as’. After consulting several dictionaries I think this is a mistake. A better more-likely translation is ‘because’ or ‘for’ which makes the causal nature of the word clearer.


I see that the course creator @l.lee4 does not seem to have a forum account. Consequently, (s)he will not answer here which also means that, unless there is a contributor who can fix problems, you’ll be left with the error (or inconsistency) in the course. You may, however, apply to become a contributor yourself. If you’d like to do that, post a new request in the sub-forum for abandoned courses .

Regarding the translation of “denn”: you’re right. Translating “denn” only with “as” is more than misleading. That said, it should at least contain both “as” and “because” (the latter being the better match most of all times).

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Thanks for your reply. I’m not sure I’d want to be a contributor as I don’t have access to the original source material - is such a prerequisite do you think?

It surely isn’t. I contribute to a host of courses. In my opinion this is rather about the willingness to do thorough research in order to find and fix problems/errors.

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Request submitted!

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Sorry if this is in the wrong section, I saw that you were a leader and thought you could redirect my question to the correct person. I find it slightly frustrating in a course such as this because there could be three different translations/answers to one word and it would be so much easier if they were grouped together. I feel like in addition to learning the language, I am doing a word search, desperately searching the letters to find out which answer out the three the author wants. For instance die Imbissbude, der Imbissstand and der Schnellimbiss, for snack bar. Memrise could group them altogether to make learning easier and more consistent. Forgive me if this has come up in the wrong section.

Yes, please don’t “highjack” threads; instead, just create a new thread. Or is this related to this thread’s course?

Once again, I’m sorry for “hijacking” the thread. That was not my intention. I wasn’t sure how to create a new thread. It wasn’t clear.

No worries. Just go to the forum’s homepage (click the little Memrise lettering in the yellow bar at the top), then click on *New Topic" near the top right!

Hi, @Olaf.Rabbachin, @Annieversaries

The comments by Annieversaries are about a course entitled “AQA 2016 onwards GCSE German vocabulary” * (by @l.lee4), which also happens to be the subject heading of this thread.

So I can’t see any need to start a new thread, and I don’t think Annieversaries has anything to apologise for.