[Course Forum] AP Biology by domenicoscience / Errors

I’ve been using AP Biology for a while now and I’ve discovered that there a few typos within this course that really interfere with the processing of the information. There is improper grammar (like “The fundamental steps of scientific method are:” in Level 1"), incorrect spelling (like “celular respiration” in Level 9), repeated and redundant words that are essentially the same thing except maybe written without an ending -s or with an extra -s depending on the situation (like “glycoproteins” versus “glycoprotein”), as well as an overall lack of consistency. It also appears that the course editor has not come back based on the fact that his memrise points are at around a couple thousand and have stayed that way since I began the course.

I hope that there is either a way that the creator can be notified @domenicoscience or for me to correct it myself because this course is very helpful to me and I would be glad to help improve it so that the overall learning experience can be improved.

You can always ask @Lien she is a Master of Finding Creators

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Thanks for tagging me @Atikker As the creator is no longer active, I have added @vuski as a contributor.