[Course Forum] Another Lesson in Cantonese (with audio)

Course Creator: @MrMac

你好 @MrMac, thanks for creating a great Cantonese course. :clap:

As the course forums are going to be phased out in preference to this forum, I have taken the liberty of creating this [Course Forum] topic on your behalf.

A great idea, will work my way through this.

Right away I’m noticing difficult pronunciation for 土 and 河 (sounds more like ‘fo4’ than ‘ho4’). But definitely a huge plus to have human recordings (my course uses robot voices).

EDIT: okay, 河 is sounding more like ‘ho4’ each time I hear it.

nice course, but from the very begining it gives 女 - ‘daughter’ and not accepting ‘woman’. Tiny things…

Level 16 - The Error and the Interesting Case of the Disappearing Character

The story is in the images below:

Two (three maybe) things of note:

  • the entry in the level database is somehow corrupt (#1) and the character that appears (to admire the landscape?) is:

搵,wan2: search, look for, find (not cheap anyway);

  • a possible Android bug #bugs:android-bugs with the naughty disappearing character in portrait and visible in landscape;

  • also, the view from the web portal, noting the absence of the lost, wandering character.

Still no sign of @MrMac in these parts? He is actively learning …

well, I give up this course, some levels are empty and also soon I’d be prompted to write Canto (which I cannot yet, or ever). I’m trying @Kinser’s course, although he’s not around (as well) and cannot see my request to increase the font size in the attribute column…

@Hydroptere ~ I hope all is well with you. I didn’t think there was a way to increase the font size of an attribute column, only regular columns. (Attribute columns are so microscopic). If there is a way to increase the font size, I would definitely like to know how to do this as well. Thank you.

hi, @pdao, once i’ve succeeded in doing that… don’t remeber how… or maybe my otherwise fantafabulous memory is cheating on me… bad bad memory…

“show at tests” does not increase the fond size, is that so… hmmmm. what a pity: @Kinser does give the Canto/traditional characters, but as attributes… one cannot honestly mean one can read traditional characters written that small…

@Hydroptere ~ that’s the dilemna as far as I know. Either put something in a regular column (where you can control the font size) but take up valuable screen space, or put it in an attribute (and lose font control) but gain screen space for other information. Maybe some creative people in the community know how to change the font size in attributes. Anyone ? Otherwise, this is definitely a candidate for a future feature.

“Show at tests” only does that, it doesn’t increase the font size.

Yes, some levels only have a few items. I wonder if it is a work-in-progress? Well, bar the one that requires a fix, I’ve finished this one, unless there is more forthcoming?

Level 16 - The Error and the Interesting Case of the Disappearing Character - Part 2

Now, to set the scene, I have at my disposal three versions of Android as follows:

  1. SM-P905; 5.0.2; 2.9_3719525_release-release_week_30;
  2. HTC One XL; 4.2; 2.9_3719525_release-release_week_30;
  3. Nexus 6; 6.0.1; 2.9_3864_memrise.

Device #1, being a tablet, presents the opportunity to use memrise in landscape in addition to portrait (although I much prefer the portrait, an interesting phenomena comes to light soon). Neither of the handsets appears to be amenable to the landscape layout.

Device #1



Device #2

Portrait (only)

Device #3

Portrait only

A view from web portal is unexciting:

And a look back at the rest of the levels characters shows where they are originating from:

Still no sign of @MrMac but they are active daily on memrise.

@pdao, does this resemble the ghost :ghost: characters in your other posts?

女 neoi2 or leoi2 is daughter as distinct from 女 neoi5 or leoi5. I agree though that making that distinction from a single written character is a big ask.