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Please use this thread only to contact DW7 about any of my ANIMAL, BIRD or TREE & PLANT courses OR those I am supporting when you can NOT find the Creator or a specific forum link.

If you find any typos, have problems or questions etc about any of the courses I am supporting, please post them here.

Please tell me

i) which course (by giving a link),

ii) and if possible, which level the problem is in

iii) and of course the issue.

All the courses I am supported are listed below:


Thanks @DW7

Hi @DW7 I wonder if you would be kind enough to make a couple of edits to a course you are supporting :

The edits are :

Levels 8 & 26 pigs, 7th item - I believe the spelling should be Gloucester and not Glouchester

Levels 15 & 33 cattle, 2nd item - I believe the spelling should be Ayrshire and not Ayershire

Also, thank you for recently adding all the extra levels - much appreciated !



Thanks for getting in touch and finding the right thread @albo2albo - was it easy?

Thanks also for taking the time to proof-read and report it.

I’ve only just started looking after this course and am working my way through it and I’m always very happy to make corrections. All done. (BTW as the reversed levels use the same data, so you only need state the first level - thanks for that, it really helps me a lot to find the item.)

The easiest way to correct abandoned courses is to look after them. :wink:

Glad you also appreciate the reversed levels.

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Hi @albo2albo et al, on that ‘Wallchart’ course I am setting up alternatives (including hidden ones) as I think the typing test (and often the tapping test) is too hard to remember every single word. (Have just done the Rodents and Rabbits levels.)

Suggestions welcome.

Hi @DW7 yes I would have to agree that some of the answers are quite difficult - though having said that, I think the course in general is very hard covering, as it does, such a diverse range of topics.
Judicious use of simplified answers would be very welcome, especially for my pet-hate ‘saffron crocus’ as just ‘crocus’ would suffice for most people I think.
If that’s the kind of change you’re planning, then it certainly gets a thumbs-up from me.

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Thanks. Yes, that is what I’m trying to do, although it will take some time.

In that instance, I think remembering “Saffron” or “Crocus” is good enough for a typing test.

After all, you will have to learn it as you may have to match the word “Saffron Crocus” to the right photo when shown several crocus pictures or choose the right crocus word, having been shown just the one “Saffron Crocus” but have several different types of crocus to choose from (if you understand what I mean).

For an explanation of what “Reversed” levels are see :

For an explanation about the differenced between the web version and the app and the loss of “Multimedia levels” see:

If you want to see the “Full Course Description” go to the web version (if you are using the app).

Hello @DW7, I hope you are well.
With all the changes to how Memrise handles commas and Alt answers, we now have a small problem on the http://www.memrise.com/course/296/guardian-wallcharts-animals-plants-food/ course.
In the WIld Flowers section there is a picture of a dandelion, but now we have to enter ‘Dandelion, Dentdelion’ for it to be accepted as dandelion by itself isn’t accepted.
Would you be kind enough to edit the answer so that it will accept dandelion.
Many thanks

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Thanks for the warning @albo2albo.

I am pleased to see this affects very few entries and should be quick to correct.

As I wonder if semicolons (instead of commas) will solve the problem, I’ve changed it to
Dandelion; Dentdelion

Perhaps you can let me know if that works. (If not I’ll go for both as hidden alternatives.)

FYI I have already set up many hidden alternatives so you do NOT normally need to type brackets nor the words in the brackets if it is incidental but in the case of “Clover (White)” these two alternatives are accepted: “Clover White” and “White Clover”.

Do let me know if you think we need more shorter alternatives.

@dw7 it’s now accepting dandelion again - many thanks for putting this right for us.

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