[Course Forum] Anglais 1-7 by Memrise (English for French speakers)

The course Anglais 1 for French learners includes some errors:

He’s beautiful - il est formidable (it’s not correct, it has to be il est beau)

She’s wonderful - elle est belle (it’s not correct, it has to be elle est formidable)

I have changed the category for this post, to British English as Memrise does not seem to make a difference on this course

Would it be possible to avoid childish words such as dad, mum, grandpa, grandma and use father, mother, grandfather, grandmother instead? And if for some reason they are preferred, they could be translated more accurately, for instance dad is papa in French, not père.


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J’attire votre attention sur ce questionnaire sur les apprentissages des langues étrangères pour les francophones.

Merci de prendre quelques minutes pour y répondre

Good afternoon,
On the “Anglais (Britannique) 2” course, Level 6, for the sentence “she doesn’t like coffee or tea”, the translation should be "Elle n’aime pas le café ou le thé"
Thank in advance for the correction,

Good afternoon,

The order was wrong and it’s now translated as elle n’aime ni le café ni le café.

Bonne continuation !

Good morning,
On the “Anglais (Britannique) 3” course, Level 11, for the expression “sort of” is translated by “à moitié”. That strange for me, I would translate by “une sorte de, un genre de”.
Is it possible to have a correction or an explanation ?
Than you in advance;

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You can look at: http://dictionnaire.reverso.net/anglais-francais/sort%20of
sort of.
en quelque sorte ; plus ou moins ; à peu près
[Fam.] quand c’est isolé, …

Sort of
En quelque sorte.

sort of.
en quelque sorte.

a sort of
un genre de

"sort of"
plus ou moins
familier en anglais. da …

sort of job

sorte de travail :slight_smile:


It is a very limited translation with “à moitié”. I guess it is to translate such expressions as :
“I sort of don’t want to come” > “je ne veux venir qu’à moitié”; “je ne veux pas vraiment venir”

But it is the wrong start to learning “sort of” for a French speaker. “plus ou moins” would be a good middle ground if it is the sense of this one. But “more or less” is more appropriate for that one.

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On the “Anglais (Britannique) 3” course, Level 11, for the expression “centre” in french is translated by “centre”. In english that is normaly “center”.

It the same problem for the expression “city center” that write “city centre” in the course.

Is it possible to correct the issue ?

Thank in advance for the correction,

Hello Regislapeze,

The spelling centre is the normal spelling in British English, while it is spelt center in American English. Many words in -re/er are spelt differently in Britain and in the US.


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In “Anglais (Britanique) 2” when the question is “Est-ce possible ?” then the correct answer is “Is it possible ?”, but often “Is it possible … ?” is also proposed and is considered as wrong. it is already hard to get the correct one for the multiple choice question, but for the audio question, I never get the correct one. Is it possible :slight_smile: to do something?

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Another issue with Anglais 3, first level, when the question is « une ville », I can’t find any way to know if I have to answer “a town” or “a city”

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… and I have the same issue with « une carte » which can be “a map” or “a card”

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and the same again with « essayer » which can be “to try” or “to try on”

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In “Anglais 3”, audio is missing for “New York”

In Anglais 3, « lui » is translated by “him”, but for “her” , the French « son, sa, ses » is not very clear. And maybe something could also be add after « Nous » so that one understands that the answer is “us” and not “we”

Again, how to know if one should write “a university” or “a college” when asking for « une université » or “a kid” or “a child” when asking for « un enfant »?

Another issue with « Une bibliothèque » which is the building in a level “a library” and the piece of furniture in an other level “a bookcase”

@fanny_sta Is it possible to have some feedbacks on everything I reported?

Hi @fflorian,

My apologies for the late reply. Indeed, this is quite confusing. I have now removed is it possible…? from the options so this will not happen again. I will now work through your other comments. :slight_smile: