[Course Forum] Ancient Greek: ALL Irregular Verbs

:brain: This forum is for a course I am currently working on which aims to provide the principal parts of every verb which expresses some sort of irregularity in its conjugation.

The course can be found here: ALL Irregular Verbs.

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(More information can be found in the course info, but I will give a brief summary here)

  • The course is divided into two parts.
  • The first part is complete and consists of the verb list found in the back of Smyth’s Greek Grammar (OUP Reprint, 2016). This contains roughly 750 verbs with principal parts.
  • The second part which is currently in progress will supplement Smyth’s list with the fuller (and more advanced) list found in Veitch’s monograph Greek Verbs Irregular and Defective.
  • All entries have been cross-referenced with Smyth, Veitch, the LSJ, and when necessary Autenrieth’s Homeric Dictionary. Since many students learn Greek in order to read the New Testament I have aimed to provide a good range of English translations to represent the meaning of each verb across all periods from Homer to Late Antiquity.

:bangbang: Currently the first part is complete with some letters in Smyth’s list supplemented by Veitch’s; I have already typed out all the verbs in Veitch’s book and am now working through the list adding principal parts and definitions. This is slow-going but should be finished in the next six months.

Note the course isn’t really for beginners but I think it will still prove to be a useful tool for those who don’t have much experience with Classical Greek. Also, for each entry I have had to limit the wealth of information available in Smyth’s and Veitch’s lists. For additional information (grammatical and lexicographical) those authors should be consulted. When finished the course will contain roughly 1,500 words.

Please report any errors or other issues here :+1: :smile: