[Course Forum] An Introduction to the Composition of Greek Prose

Course forum for An Introduction to the Composition of Greek Prose.

The course covers the vocabulary for Eleanor Dickey’s book An Introduction to the Composition and Analysis of Greek Prose published by Cambridge University Press, 2016.

More information can be found in the course.

Please report any errors here and I will amend them as quickly as I can.

Several more words have been added to the course.

These are sourced from W. Major’s article and frequency list. Essentially this word list consists of 80% of all Greek; I have cross checked them with the LSJ to ensure they are suitable for prose composition so as not to corrupt your prose writing.

For those interested the article can be found here

:bangbang: Course is now complete :bangbang:

As a final update I added the wordlist from Appendix F (pp. 213-15): Short, Easily Confused Words.

I have taken particular care with this list to ensure these tricky inflections can be learnt and consolidated quickly within the confines of the Memrise system.

I have also published this list as a separate course: Easily Confused Words.

I don’t intend to expand the course any more. It now contains all relevant information to provide a strong foundation in Prose Composition, as is the goal of the book itself.

:australia: Happy Learning :australia:

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