[Course Forum] "American Geography: the ultimate course" by globrus

American Geography: the ultimate course

Learn location of all states, their capitals and largest cities, nicknames and seals and much more! New levels coming soon, I’m aiming to create the most complete American geography course. Any suggestions are much welcomed here.

http://www.memrise.com/course/52936/american-geography/ got kind of abandoned in early 2015, I think because the creator has health issues, though I don’t remember specifically. Have you considered asking to become a maintainer of that, and expanding it? It’s a really good course, and has most of what you describe already, but could use more. The original creator was going to add mountain ranges, for example, but didn’t get around to it.

I wish we still had the course forum so we could see some of the other suggestions people made there. I remember that I suggested adding a few more rivers (such as the Connecticut River), and replacing the maps for some cities with more zoomed-in maps - it’s really hard to tell Philly, Baltimore, and Washington DC apart when they’re dots on a picture of the entire US, for example.

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