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You mentioned in Status of the course “American Geography” by CFT? that you recently “tidied up” the state nicknames section. Unfortunately it seems to have made it work less well for me. In the past, I was always able to type the nickname without “the” at the beginning, which was nice because “the” appears in nearly all of them and feels redundant. But now I just got some of them wrong. For example, for North Carolina I used to be able to type “tar heel state”, but that turned up yellow now. If I enter “the tar heel state” then it’s correct, but if I omit “the” it’s wrong.

Thanks @cos, well spotted. I have found about 5 entries with the missing alternative answer without “the” for the main nickname, and corrected. Let me know if there are any others, some of the entries have so many alternatives that a typo could easily have sneaked in.

Any plans to update the course? (More specifically, Mississippi state flag–I don’t know if anything else has changed in American geography)