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Hola, quisiera avisar de un error o, mejor dicho, un “problemilla” que hay en el curso de Alemán 1 (quizá también pase en los siguientes niveles).

En alemán, “sie” y “Sie” se pronuncian igual, se conjugan igual, pero se traducen de manera distinta (ella / ustedes). Hay ejercicios en los que esto lleva a error… Concretamente, cuando la actividad se trata de oír la palabra o frase en alemán y hacer clic sobre la traducción correcta, o sobre las palabras en alemán pronunciadas. En el caso que aparezcan las dos opciones entre las posibilitades, es decir, “tú” o “ustedes”, no es posible saber cuál de las dos respuestas está programada para ser la correcta, y debemos lanzar una moneda para echarlo a suertes…

¿Quizá se podría evitar que aparezcan las dos opciones juntas? :sweat_smile:

Perhaps I must write it in English…

I don’t know if it can be called a bug, but it’s annoying, as it’s impossible to know which is the real good answer. Let me explain!

In German, “sie sind” and “Sie sind” are pronounced the same, but the meaning is different. There’s an activity where you can hear the words and you must choose which is the correct answer… (the words in German, or the translation into Spanish). When you hear [sie sind], and among the answers are “sie sind” and “Sie sind”, it’s not possible to know which is the correct one. So, you must cross your fingers and press one of the answers…

Perhaps a way to correct this is that both answers cannot appear in the same question…?

I understand each language has its idiosyncrasy, and it’s hard to avoid this kind of problems. Is it possible to correct this one?


Hi @Luthien32,

Thanks for your comment and for flagging this issue! You’re right, our system chooses distractors (the other multiple choice options) that are most similar to the correct answer, and obviously, this has been the case here. I’ve now removed the possibilities to have them both shown at the same time. After logging out and in again, you hopefully shouldn’t have any issues with it anymore. Happy learning! Cheers, Linh


Thanks a lot! I’m sure I found another pair of words with the same problem, but I don’t remember which pair right now. As soon as I find them again, I’ll write it down here. :slight_smile:

Hello. I’m on German course for Russian language speakers and experiencing the same annoing bug with “sie sind” and “Sie sind” in audio exersice when I have both options in answer variations so only one of them is correct but I can’t know wich one since they sounds the same.


I’m currently going trough the Alemán 2 course, specifically on the second level “¿En que lugar del universo?” and I noticed that there’s a typo/error when we reach the following phrases:

  • spricht du Deutsch?
  • ich spreche eine bisschen Deutsch?

The issue is that on the literal translation, instead of using “German”/“Alemán” the application is displaying “English”/“Inglés” instead:

Although it’s not a dealbreaker issue, I though that it was worth to mention/report.

Thanks in advance, kind regards.

The other evidence, as being a new user I’m limited to one picture by post:

Kind regards