[Course Forum] Advanced German Vocabulary by Carlykal

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Hi there,
I’ve discovered a couple of errors in the course entitled Advanced German Vocabulary by @Carlykal. I don’t see a forum for this course, nor can I find the course creator anywhere… and I don’t know how to contact the creator by email. So I am forced to list the errors here in the hope that someone can tidy them up:

Level 56:
“Verhältnis” is translated as “behaviour.” This is incorrect; confusion with Verhalten perhaps?
“zugeknüpft” is translated as “uptight.” There’s no such translation as far as I can see. I believe the correct word is “zugeknöpft.”

Perhaps others studying this course could repost this with additional issues if and when they arise.


(Simonthomaswarner) #2

What, no responses?

Seems like a major flaw if there’s no way to contact the course creator. Is there some way to allow me to make the changes (and get them peer-reviewed)? Or can the Memrise team handle it?


(Guess who's back 🤩🤩🤩) #3

you didn’t
*post a link to that course
*tag anyone

(Simonthomaswarner) #4

Thanks @Atikker but who to tag? I tried @Carlykal (the course creator) but apparently he/she isn’t a forum user.

Wouldn’t it be great if there was an “alert someone about an error” button? That shouldn’t be so hard. Memrise lives or dies on the strength of the course content. I’m sure there are plenty of people (me included) who would be happy to help fix errors. User experience is king, right?

Here’s the course link, anyway:

(Overlord Hydroptère) #5

tag a member of the memrise team, for ex @Lien and ask nicely to email the creator or similar; zugeknöpft means "buttoned up " or something

(Lien) #6

Thanks, I have emailed the course creator.

(Simonthomaswarner) #7

Thank you all for your help. Much appreciated.

(Amanda Norrsken) #8

And, if you ask someone from memrise nicely, maybe they can make you a course contributor and then you will be able to make the changes yourself!

(Simonthomaswarner) #9

@amanda-norrsken I would be happy to do that. But… how to get my changes peer-reviewed? I’m not a native German speaker so I can use a dictionary but I would be happier for someone to check my changes.

(Amanda Norrsken) #10

You can ask me :slight_smile:

And you can put questions here in the forum, too.

My credentials:

  • have lived in Germany since May 1988
  • 2:i degree in German Studies from the University of East Anglia
  • Diploma in Translation (German to English) from the Institute of Linguists, London

I became a course contributor for a number of Swedish courses and simply doing the research to check words where I suspected that the translation might be dodgy was a great way to learn in itself.

And, last but not least, surely it is better that there is somebody looking after that course than nobody at all! As “we” say in German, “man wächst mit der Aufgabe” :wink:

Where are you from, by the way? I am hoping to find a distance learning course (in the UK) for my 16yo daughter to do “A” level German, but so far no luck :frowning: I might have to offer my services to one of these distance-learning colleges as a German “A” level teacher!!!

(Simonthomaswarner) #11

Thank you @amanda-norrsken, I will! :slight_smile:

So… @Lien: would you be so kind as to make me a course contributor for this course please? I have no idea what I’m doing, but I’m sure I’ll learn!

(Simonthomaswarner) #12

@Lien are you the right person to ask to set me as a course contributor? If not, could you please let me know who to ask? Thanks.

(Lien) #13

Sure thing!
I have added you, @simonthomaswarner
Thanks for improving this course.

Best wishes,


(Simonthomaswarner) #14

Thanks @Lien :slight_smile:

(Simonthomaswarner) #15

For anyone following this course, I’m pleased to say I’ve made my first course corrections! :scream:



Level 30

  • einen Beruf ausüben
  • Protest erheben
  • ein Gespräch führen

Level 32

  • in Aussicht stellen
  • in Aussicht stehen

Level 56

  • das Verhältnis


Level 56

  • zugeknöpft (was zugeknüpft)

@amanda-norrsken as you kindly volunteered to review my changes, over to you! :wink:

(Geil) #16

what are the old vs news english translations?

(Amanda Norrsken) #17

Noticed a typo in Level 30:

change “aggrEvation” to “aggrAvation”, please :slight_smile:

As for “ein Gespräch führen”, I would also add “to have a conversation”. “to conduct a conversation” is extremely formal in English.

“eine Rede halten” = to deliver a speech, to give a speech, but NOT to “hold” a speech in English.

Just FYI: my German husband corrected his English wife recently when I - the native speaker - mistakenly said “he held a speech” and he said, “You don’t say that in English!!!” I was so sure that it was possible, but none of the resources we have backed me up!


I looked at the corpus above and discovered that my dear husband was - sadly :smiley: - right. :astonished: LOL LOL LOL

(Simonthomaswarner) #18

Sorry @Geil, I don’t have the old translations. In future, I’ll add old + new when reporting here.

(Simonthomaswarner) #19

I’ve noticed lots of other small mistakes / translation errors along the way but didn’t make note of where they were. :sweat: Please feel free to point them out, people!

(Geil) #20

“eine Rede halten” = to deliver a speech, to give a speech, but NOT to “hold” a speech in English.

There is nothing wrong with ‘‘holding a speech’’. It adverbial and used all the time in newspapers and tv.