[Course Forum] Advanced English words & phrases, full audio by ChiewPang

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This course contains advanced lexis scoured from the world’s latest news available on the Internet. It’s ongoing, meaning new levels are continually being added. All entries are supported by context and LOUD, clear audio. The course is here.

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New level (22) added! :clap::smiley: Learn how to speak and understand words such as these:

:diamonds: /ˌfəʊ ˈpɑː/ :diamonds: Such behaviour might not be quite so egregious coming from, say, the US president. It might not even be such a faux pas at the office party. But if you are trying to blend into the upper echelons of international diplomacy, it is a surefire way to betray the fact that you are out of your depth. :diamonds:

:diamonds: Brexit talks: for all Britain’s bluster, the EU has it over a barrel :diamonds: I think it’s fair to say the later, more terrifyingly obscure films by the Portuguese auteur Pedro Costa have had me over a barrel, intriguing though he always is. :diamonds:


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