[Course Forum] Advanced Business Dutch ♫ Audio

Please report errors, make sugestions, ask questions …

This course is part of a series. The basic Business Dutch course is this one:

It has its own forum:


… to think, I just started this course and want to report several “de/het (adj) substantief” corrections :sweat_smile:

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I still don’t understand what’s going on. Is that official? This forum will close for good? Or is that just hearsay? And will that also affect user-made courses like mine? For the time being you can still report errors here though

In the future, I’ll provide an email address or a reddit forum (or whatever I think is suitable) in the course description and/or in my profile.

I’m also in the process of saving all my courses. I’ll convert them into Anki decks. In case not only the forum but the all the user-made courses will go away. I’m not sure how to do the conversion exactly. Hence it may take some time to figure this out. But you’ll find the finished Anki courses in the Anki shared decks https://ankiweb.net/shared/decks?search=Dutch I’m not even sure how well Anki handles my course design or how well it will work as a replacement for Memrise. I personally will continue to use Memrise as long as possible …

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I’ve quoted the mail I got about this here: Thank you for giving us a month's window to the Forum - #4 by duaal

And Ben said this:


This might be of some use if you haven’t seen it Memrise card template [support thread] - Card Design - Anki Forums, could use it and recommend users of your deck to use it as well if it does what you need

Direct source link: (GitHub - Eltaurus-Lt/Anki-Card-Templates: Decks of templates + source code for Anki cards)


I’m in the process of saving my course data. Easier said than done. I’m currently using this Chrome add-on: GitHub - Eltaurus-Lt/CourseDump2022: Google Chrome extension to download Memrise courses as csv files. Memrise isn’t build for exporting data.

It seems that the end of Memrise community courses is near. Even if only the commuity courses in the app based version will stop working, I’ll probably leave Memrise for good. As long as this forum is up, you can still contact me here. As long as Memrise isn’t broken, I’ll continue to use Memrise. I always liked that the app was easy to use, offered a plethora of great courses and the many different question formats.

I’ll probably migrate my courses to Anki. I’ve never tried Anki for vocab learning. I’ve to check out whether that’s working out for me and how to import my data. It will probably take some time to migrate courses. Please check out https://ankiweb.net/shared/decks Sooner or later my courses will pop up there. I’ll keep the name as close to the original Memrise name as possible.

Upon request I can provide raw data of the courses for you to download (as soon I’m done exporting my data from Memrise).

I’ve not yet decided how to continue collaboration. I always enjoyed this aspect of Memrise. Together we were able to improve courses significantly. I’m really grateful for all your contributions over the years. It made my course much better. Thanks.

If this forum stops working, please use tubsmail@gmail.com in order to contact me. To bypass my spam filter, please include somewhere in the mail the word memrise. I won’t always answer quickly, but please ask me anything.

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@Robert-Alexander Not sure if you already saw this, but figured I’d link it here:

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There are alternative fora for communication, see this thread: