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In this free course, learn to identify countries from their outline shapes and geographical locations… plus a few regions, administrative areas, mountain ranges and rivers have been included for good measure.


There is wrong picture for Indonesia.


Thanks very much, @PanBerbelek. That was well spotted!

Now corrected:


I think “Côte d’Ivoire” should keep its accent. “Cote d’Ivoire” could be accepted as an alternative however.


Hi @gucheon,

Thanks! I have tidied up that entry (in Level 11) and have added the “ô” character to the ‘in browser keyboard’.

I have also taken the opportunity to add the circumflex accent to the entry for Rhône River (also in Level 11).

Answers given without the accent will still be accepted though as the “Strict Typing” setting is currently turned off.

Thanks again.

I will be making changes to some of the items in Level 15 of the course during the next day or two.

Changes to some of the metropolitan regions of France were introduced on 1 January 2016, reducing the total number from 22 to 13. New titles for some of the regions became effective from 30 September 2016.

I will also take the opportunity to add new entries so that all 13 metropolitan regions are included.

Apologies for any inconvenience suffered while these changes are made.

Hello alanh, just started. Funny so far. I appreciate that “goes” all over the world from the beginning instead of starting from one continent and slowly expanding to the others. It keeps it more interesting IMHO. Do you have any idea on why Speed Review does not work on this one? Temporary problem or what? THanks and congrats. Amedeo

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Hi @AmedeoCastagna,

Thanks for your kind words. I’m glad you are enjoying the course.

There is no Speed Review on any of the image-based courses (or audio). I’m not 100% sure of the reason but I think it’s probably because the image and audio files in some courses take longer to load on some devices and that would defeat the object of a speed test.


Oh! Thankyou. Sorry though. I’m new here. Ciao

No apology needed. We were all new here to begin with. :smile:

Happy learning!


Hello alanh. Still having fun with your course. Just one thing. There is one card on San Marino which seems to be kind of wrong. Is the one who shows San Marino with the centraleastern part of Italy. In that one the San Marino position is too south . It seems to me that in the other cards the position is right. I’vew met that just once and I haven’t screenshotted it. Just giving you the head up. Check it out when you have time and will. Ciao and thanks again for the good work. Amedeo


Hi Amedeo,

Thanks for your post.

The course currently has three image files for San Marino (in Level 6). Here they are:

Is it the third one you think may be wrong? I sourced that one from the Wikipedia entry: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/San_Marino

I think the positioning looks similar in all three. What do you think, now that you can see all three together? The small image size we see in the actual course can sometimes make a difference.

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hello alanh, yes it-s the third image! I had to screenshot it before bothering you. In fact I see now your explanation is correct, the small image made me confused. Now I see the green point is in the right place and I anm wrong
. Sorry for bothering! Have a good one.

No problem, Amedeo. If I can find a clearer (usable) image, sometime, I’ll replace that one.

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I love Memrise and love this geography course.
Thank you so much for putting it together.

QUES: I try to pick the map I want to use so I can see the
country, but it never stays on the that same map. It uses a
different map when it asks which country it is. Some of the
maps are hard to see the country. How can I keep the same
map throughout the course? (the bigger scale maps)

SUDAN: Sudan is now Sudan and South Sudan. (2011)

Thank you, Alanh

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Hi @MeenaP,

Thanks for posting. I decided to have 2 or 3 different images for most items in the course to make things more interesting instead of just ‘learning the image’.

If you are using the web version of Memrise, there is no way to choose and keep one preferred map. During the learning/planting or preview phases it lets you scroll through the available images using the left and right arrows but, during reviews, it just shows one of the images. Where there are 2 or 3 available images, it just scrolls to the next one in the ‘queue’.

If you are using the app version, though, it only ever shows one map. I think it’s always the one that was uploaded first.

Can you let me know when you come across a map/image that is causing a problem and I will see if I can find a better one? It will not be possible though for some of the smaller countries/territories, for example the Pacific island nations and Caribbean island countries. I’m always happy to try to improve the course where I can.

Thanks again!

Oh, by the way, Sudan is in Level 3 and South Sudan is in Level 11.

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Since ‘Buggy Monday’ this week, you will have noticed that images are not displaying correctly in review mode.

At first, the bug caused the image’s url to display instead of the image itself. In fixing this bug, something went wrong and, although a single image now displays, it is currently not possible to scroll through the images using the left and right arrows.

The Memrise guys are on the case and I hope they will find a fix soon. The issue is discussed in this other thread: Review broken again? at post nos 107, 115, 134, 137, 141 and 142. [Update: This bug was fixed via a different forum topic a short time ago and seems to be holding up ok - see Always showing the same picture in photo-based courses]

Hi @alanh, sorry to be a little pedantic about your excellent map course (which I am enjoying, but one of your maps for Cyprus (the blue one) only shows SOUTHERN Cyprus in red so I entered “southern Cyprus” and got it wrong.


I raise this because there is another course I am doing that actually has two entries for Cyprus (Southern and Northern).

Could you either colour the whole of Cyprus red or delete that image? (Or give southern Cyprus as a hidden alternative), please?

Many thanks.

Hi DW7,

Glad you’re enjoying the course.

Just to clarify, there are also two entries covering the island of Cyprus in my course. “Cyprus” (the Republic of Cyprus) is in Level 3 and “Northern Cyprus” (referring to the self-declared state of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus) is in Level 1. As there is no country or state of ‘Southern Cyprus’, I would prefer not to add it as an alt (even a hidden one).

If you keep in mind that the selected images for both entries either indicate by means of the highlighted area which country/state they depict, or show the whole island (and can’t therefore be “Northern Cyprus”) all should be well. I’ll therefore leave things as they are for now.

Thanks for raising this.

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Thanks for the explanation Alanh (my mistake calling it "Southern Cyprus).
Yes this was in level 3. I had forgotten that in Level 1 there was “Northern Cyprus”.

So are you saying “Cyprus” is the southern bit (not the whole island - my confusion)?

So the map I showed above is correctly the larger southern bit.

However the alternate maps are not clear eg:

All Cyprus

looks like the whole island.

So perhaps both the whole island and the southern (ie non “Northern Cyprus” bit) can be called Cyprus? Is that correct? (Anyway there is talk of re-uniting! )

Interesting learning things!